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Medical Software

Explore the different types, features, uses, benefits, and limitations of medical software across specialities that are available in modern healthcare.

Top 5 Telemedicine Software

Telemedicine software is widely demanded in the modern healthcare setup. Explore the most recommended and well received telemedicine software that you should have at your practice or hospital.

Developed for large practices, Nextgen EMR software offers a fully integrated solution that offers specialty-specific content and an easy-to-use patient portal. Find reviews, watch demo, features, and pricing info for the EHR software.

General Practice EMR Software for Small Practice

Learn about the General Practice EMR software and find information about pricing, product features and get user reviews. This EMR for small practice allows you to implement modern technology at your practice or hospital.

5 Free Telemedicine Software

Telemedicine software enables health practitioners and hospitals to reach out to their patients irrespective of large travel distances or old age. This articles presents five of the most popular, feature-rich, and free telemedicine software.

Telemedicine Software Reviews and Pricing

Software Finder helps you choose from the best telemedicine software for your hospital or practice based on specific features, suitable pricing, product demo, and expert and user reviews. Learn more.

EMR Software and EHR Companies

Learn about the top EHR companies and find pricing information, view demo videos and get user reviews on top EMR software. At Software Finder, you can connect with the leading EMR software companies.

athenahealth EMR Software Reviews

Explore athenahealth EMR medical software reviews, product features and demo at Software Finder. Learn how athenahealth software can improve the efficiency at your practice or hospital.

What’s Driving the Medical Billing Software Growth?

The medical billing software industry is expected to grow rapidly in 2020 and this article by Software Finder aims to pinpoint the reason behind this predicted growth. Learn more.

AdvancedMD EHR Software

Find AdvancedMD EHR Software reviews, product features, and get demo with Software Finder. Learn about AdvancedMD cost for your hospital or practice and identify the right plan for your requirements.

Ophthalmology Specific EMR Software

Ophthalmology specific EMR offer several unique features to boost efficiency for clients and deliver better services to their patients. Find the best ophthalmology specific EMR for your practice with Software Finder.

eClinicalWorks Telemedicine EMR Software

Learn about eClinicalWorks telemedicine features, reviews and demo at Software Finder. Discover the cost of eClinicalWorks EMR and how it improves efficiency and performance at your practice or hospital.

How EMR Companies are Helping During COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to spread, the role of EMR companies and software providers have significantly improved the delivery of healthcare services across the US. Learn how EHR software companies are helping in this time.

Impact of EHR Implementation on General Surgery

EHR implementation in general surgery plays a key role in various aspects of the diagnostic process. This article is an in-depth take on the impact of EHR and EMR on general surgery and healthcare.

Praxis EMR: Defining Features, Benefits, and Limitations

Software solutions like the Praxis EMR, are primarily focused on the clinical side of day to day operations and also help to implement a secure and efficient system. Learn about the features, benefits, and limitations of Praxis EMR software.

Software Reviews and Recommendations by Software Finder

Software Finder is the leading software directory in the US. Explore product features, software reviews, pricing information, and more to find the right software for your requirement. Learn more.

All You Need to Know About AdvancedMD EHR

AdvancedMD EHR software offers a wide range of features that make it an excellent option for both practices and hospitals. Learn in depth about the AdvancedMD EMR and medical billing software.

DrChrono EHR Software Pricing at Software Finder

Offering a cloud-based EHR, medical billing software, and RCM solution, DrChrono helps your practice provide the best patient care. Learn more about the DrChrono pricing and product features at Software Finder.

WRS Health EHR Software

WRS Health EHR Software provides electronic medical records, revenue cycle management, personal health records, and various other features for practices and hospitals of all sizes. Learn more.

Practice Fusion EHR Software Price & Reviews

Practice Fusion EHR offers appointment scheduling, charting, e-prescribing, imaging, and various other features for practices and hospitals. Learn about Practice fusion price and find reviews at Software Finder.

Several telehealth solutions implemented by EHR companies help in the fight against coronavirus worldwide. Learn how EHR software companies can help against the COVID-19 situation.

Urgent Care EMR Software Features

Urgent care EMR software helps provide a stellar patient experience. Learn about the key features of urgent care EMR that facilitate such performance for your hospital or practice.

Top Orthopedic EMR Software for 2020

Choosing the best orthopedic EMR software is essential for practices or hospitals that cater to a large number of patients. This article lists the top orthopedic EMR software of 2020.

Praxis EMR Reviews, Features, and Demo

Praxis EMR offers award winning, AI-based EHR solutions for practices and hospitals. Discover Praxis EMR reviews, pricing information, and view product demo videos at Software Finder.

Things You Need to Know About Office Ally Practice Mate Software

Office Ally Practice Mate is a certified software with a lot of accolades and features that make the software all the more reliable for long-term use. Learn more.

Care Management During COVID-19: EHR vs Paper

The choice of the right care management tools during COVID-19 can help improve the healthcare delivery while ensuring safety. Understand how EHR software compares to paper documentation.