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Inspiring Rescue Stories of Stray Dogs

Read here inspiring stories of stray dogs who got rescued by the team of Let The Tails Wag.


Golden [Stray Dog] Rescue Story

Golden [Stray Dog] Rescue Story

Golden (a female stray dog) is one of my favorite rescues so far. She came to me as a burnt case and she was a victim of a hit and run case as well. To read the full story, visit : - Home | Facebook

At Let The Tails Wag(LTTW), we rescue abandoned, injured, and stray dogs in distress. It is involved in sterilizations of stray dogs for more than 7 years. Founder, Ittika Duggal feeds more than 60 stray dogs every day.

LTTW-A genuine platform that helps you to adopt a dog in Delhi

Let The Tails Wag (LTTW) is a platform where you can adopt a stray dog in Delhi & become a voice of voiceless. Founded by Ittika Duggal rescuing stray dogs since 2014


Panda [Stray Dog] Another Victim of Hit & Run

Panda [Stray Dog] Another Victim of Hit & Run

Hey Friends weekend was fun right? But for PANDA, it was the most terrible one! An over-speeding car came, hit this kid and just ran. He is one of the most playful dogs in my dog gang and since that 'HIT' he is no more the same 'HAPPY' Dog. He is traumatized, scared and sad. For your update he is being treated and responding well to the treatment and we wish for his fast recovery and to be a happy kid again.

But here's what our PANDA has to say:

If you couldn't do anything for our hopelessness atleast let us live peacefully and pain-free on streets. Being a street animal is not our choice, it's just the decision that you took by buying that fancy dog.

Next time when you see any of my voiceless friends in pain, get in touch here.


Let The Tails Wag - Rescuing Stray Dogs Since 2014

Let The Tails Wag - Rescuing Stray Dogs Since 2014

Started by Ittika Duggal at the age of 15, Let The Tails Wag is an initiative to help the needy, abandoned stray dogs on roads. Since 2014, LTTW is engaged in the sterilisation of many stray dogs. Apart from sterilization, Ittika also feeds and takes care of more than 70 stray dogs.

Ever since then, LTTW has been actively involved in rescuing stray dogs. Ittika is recognized as a colony caretaker by the Animal Welfare Board of India(AWBI) and other pre-eminent organizations like PETA, PFA, PAWA, etc.

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Stray Dog Adoption-Second Chance for All Lovable Street Dogs

This article talks about the reasons for stray dog adoption. Bringing a homeless stray dog home will change his life forever and will give him a second chance.

PANDA'S TALE - A Dog Rescue Story From Hurt To Heal

Just when you thought humanity has taken a back seat, comes to rescue an inspiring dog rescue story that will surely melt your heart and will make you regain your trust in humanity because of the rescuers.

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Read the top 5 myths & facts that will help us break down these stereotypes and expose the real truth about stray dog adoption. To Read the Full Article: Click Here


Paw-sitive Monday - Let The Tails Wag

Paw-sitive Monday - Let The Tails Wag

Leave footprints of kindness where ever you go, because it is eternal and it lasts longer than ever.

Rescuing Stray Dogs | Help Street Dogs - Let The Tails Wag

At Let The Tails Wag, we are involved in ✓ Rescuing stray dogs ✓ Sterilizations ✓ Dogs Feeding ✓ Dog Adoption - Since 2014

Love & care for dogs define Ittika Duggal and her mission.

A mission to provide the best care for dogs, the oldest friend of a man. An initiative by Ittika Duggal to provide animal shelter in Delhi.

Don't STOP...Until the World is VEGAN!

You are dead inside if you think Veganism is sacrifice. Your appetite or ‘taste’ can never become a reason to kill an innocent life.

Get Involved | Join Our Mission-Stray Animal Rescue In Delhi

Be a part of an animal rescue in Delhi! Here are a few ways you can Get Involved With LTTW ✓Adopt ✓ Support ✓Donate and Make a Difference in a

Support a Dog - Rescue street dogs|Help Stray Dogs in Delhi

Rescue street dogs & help them to have a better life. Support via ✓ Pet Medicines ✓Food to Eat. Your support for stray dogs will add more to their future.

Don't know how to adopt a dog! Know adoption process here

Looking for pet adoption? Adopt a puppy for free. Know more about How to adopt a dog and change the life of a voiceless.

Donate For Stray Dogs | Show your love for homeless dogs.

Donate for stray dogs and change their lives forever. Your small donation for stray dogs helps in rescuing homeless injured and abandoned street dogs.

Get In Touch with LTTW | Helpline for stray dogs in Delhi

If you found a stray dog in immediate danger and want to report the situation. Contact our helpline for stray dogs in Delhi - 9582024994.