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Updated by Northern Lights Solar Solutions on May 11, 2021
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Northern Lights Solar Water Heaters

Are you looking to invest in the most advanced solar water heating system? If yes, then you should look no further than evacuated tube solar water heaters. They produce much higher temperature and deliver better performance during winter. Heating hot water during winter with solar vacuum tubes will outperform all other types of solar collectors available.


Buying a Solar Water Heating Kit - Northern Lights Solar Solutions

When it comes to buying a solar water heating kit, it’s important to make sure that the engine you choose is the most powerful one and made for long lasting performance. This is the reason why Northern Lights use SunRain’s patented 3-Hi solar vacuum tubes. There’s an absorbing coating present on the inner layer that determines the efficiency of the vacuum tubes.

Why Do You Invest in Northern Lights Solar Water Heating Packages? - Solar Tubs

Are you looking for solar water heaters? If yes, you should definitely invest in Northern Lights solar heating packages. These solar heating kits are pre-engineered and pre-sized for the application. There are so many reasons why you should buy Northern Lights solar water heaters.

Why Makes Solar Water Heating System a Better Alternative for Home? - Solar Tubs

As discussed above, the solar heating systems are designed by using the latest customized simulation software. Generally, it’s manufactured by Swedish Engineer Company – Vela Solaris. Each of solar water heaters from Northern Lights is pre-engineered in a virtual environment. They are guaranteed to deliver their customers with result driven simulation i.e. accurate 5%. It means you’ll receive accurate ROI and performance assurance upon buying this heating product.

Why Do You Prefer Installing Pre-Packaged Solar Water Heating Kits? - Solar Tubs

Are you looking for DIY solar water heaters? You should consider investing in DIY solar water heating kits available at Northern Lights Solar Solutions. Their pre-designed solar water heating systems are useful for both residential and commercial applications. They are pre-engineered to deliver faster and easy installation and operation as well as optimal performance.

Why Do You Purchase Pre-Packaged Solar Water Heater? - Northern Lights Solar Solutions

Northern Lights solar water heating systems are available in a turnkey package that comes with equipment you require for the installation and operation. Whether you need it for residential or commercial use, you can install it successfully without having experience.

Why Do You Choose Northern Lights DIY Solar Water Heaters? - Northern Lights Solar Solutions

Like every homeowner in Canada, you must be thinking to make a switch to solar water heater. If yes, then you’ve made a good decision. However, out of all solar water heaters available, Northern Lights solar water heating systems stand out. That’s why most DIY installers consider investing in solar water heating kits.

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If you want to learn more about solar water heaters, feel free to reach out to Northern Lights Solar Tubs as soon as possible. We’ll help you get your ultimate solar water heating experience that you’ve been longing for all the while.

Generally, solar hot water heaters are used for heating water at homes. The energy consumption bill of every home includes 20-40% for heating water. This is where a solar water heater comes in handy. They help you reduce costs.

Northern Lights Solar Hot Water Heaters on an average can minimize the cost of hot water up to 65-75%. These systems are easy to install and come with complete components to get the installation done. Their packages feature with specifically insulated stainless steel solar piping and fittings ensuring that you won’t need to do any complicated pipe work and soldering.

As discussed above, the Northern Light solar heating designs are engineered by using the latest customized simulation software, manufactured by Vela Solar is – a premier Swedish Engineer Company. Every solar water heater is perfectly engineered in a virtual environment that ensures result driven simulation i.e. 5%.This means, you can expect accurate ROI and performance guarantee from Northern Lights Solar Water Heater. This service is available at free of cost for all of their customers. In addition, the solar water heating packages come with easy to follow instruction manuals, which make it easy for any DIY to install precisely.