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Indian App Finder

Support Swadeshi! Find all the Indian Apps of India at one place with Indian App Finder. Download it and give your contribution to the Indian economy. Be the changemaker and join the "Make in Indian" movement to help India grow strong and powerful. Let’s stand together! Let’s download Indian Finder App!

Indian App Finder - Support Indian Apps

Support Swadeshi! Find all the Indian Apps of India at one place with Indian App Finder. Download it and give your contribution to the Indian economy. Be the changemaker and join the "Make in Indian" movement to help India grow strong and powerful. Let’s stand together! Let’s download Indian Finder App!

★ Download Now: Indian App Finder is our way of being ‘Vocal for Local...

Advanced Phone Junk Cache Cleaner, Speed Booster - Apps on Google Play

Advanced Phone Cleaner is an efficient Android Optimizer app for your phone which comes with a diligent phone cleaner, cache cleaner, junk file cleaner to free up storage on your phone. With its smart CPU Cooler and Anti-malware, you can expect excellent results to improvise the overall performance of your Android device.

✔ Do you want to clean your phone from cache and junk files?
✔ Are you looking for a speed booster to increase the speed of your Android?
✔ Do you want a visibly faster Android device?
✔ Do you want to declutter your phone from junk and cache files?
✔ How do I clean junk files and hidden cache?
✔ How can I save more battery?
✔ Can I play my games smoothly?
✔ How can I organize and manage the files on my phone?

The answer to all these questions is a compact yet powerful and absolutely FREE super cleaner- Advanced Phone Cleaner exclusively.

Advanced Phone Cleaner= Cache Cleaner+ Junk File Cleaner+ Speed Booster+ Duplicate Photos Cleaner+ Social Cleaner+ Anti-malware+ Battery Booster+ Game Booster+ Application Manager+ RAM Cleaner

For a unique and effective experience, download this free phone cleaning app. Advanced Phone Cleaner can help you de-clutter, organize, optimize, speed up, and improvise the overall performance of your slow device.

Features of Advanced Phone Cleaner:

✔ Junk File Cleaner- Free up storage by cleaning cache and junk files.
✔ Speed Booster- Free up RAM and operate at a high speed.
✔ Battery Booster- Operate your phone for a longer duration by saving battery.
✔ Application Manager- To wisely manage all the apps on your phone.
✔ Anti-malware- To safeguard your phone against malware and malicious apps.
✔ Duplicate Photos Cleaner- Remove similar photos with ease.
✔ Social Cleaner- Delete unwanted media files downloaded from social media apps.

★ Junk Cleaner- Find and delete all the junk hogging the storage space on your phone with the help of this cache cleaning feature. You can clean all the residual, temp files, cache, APKs, hidden junk traces, etc. in a jiffy.

★ Speed Booster- Instantly increase the speed of your phone by using this feature. It kills or halts the unnecessary processes that occupy the RAM or memory and other crucial resources of your phone and leaves you with a device that is visibly faster.

★ Battery Booster- With just a tap, you can operate your phone for a longer duration. Battery Booster works in shutting down the battery draining processes so that you can enjoy a prolonged usage of your phone.

★ Application Manager- Manage and uninstall the less used or no used apps from your phone. It is an effective way to get rid of junk and create more space by deleting the apps that no longer hold usage on your phone.

★ Anti-malware- Give your Android phone the protection it requires. Anti-malware works to protect your phone against potential threats that can be caused by malware and malicious apps.

★ Duplicates Photos Cleaner- Now, identify and remove look-alike pictures within seconds with the help of Duplicates Cleaner. You can free up storage by deleting these similar pictures.

★ Social Cleaner- Quickly find out all the downloaded media files from social media apps under one roof. You can then delete these unwanted media files in just a few taps.

★ CPU Cooler- To maintain the adequate temperature value of the processor of your phone, preventing it from overheating.

★ File Manager- To effectively manage all the files stored on your phone under one roof. May it be documents, videos, files, images, or anything else.

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Tarot Cards Reading and Numerology App -Tarot Life - Apps on Google Play

Tarot Life app provides Tarot card readings by Tarot experts. Get free Tarot insights on love, finance, career & much more by choosing one or more Tarot cards. Guidance by way of Tarot Reading, Astrology and Numerology is now at your fingertips.


●Free Tarot Card Readings on love, career & money with 3-Card Tarot Reading & Tarot spreads.
●Get the benefits of Tarot, Numerology & Astrology at one place.


●Free Love Tarot Readings - Get Tarot card reading free on love with 3-Card Tarot reading & 6-Card True Love Spread.

●Free Career Tarot Readings - Get career Tarot reading free with 3-Tarot cards & 7-Card Career Path Spread.

●Free Finance Tarot Readings - Get Tarot advice free on finance with 3-Card Tarot Reading and 5-Card Success Spread.

●Free Daily Tarot Reading - Get daily tarot insights by way of free Daily Tarot Card Reading and prepare yourself for the day ahead.

●Yes or No Tarot - In a state of confusion, get simple answers in a yes or no with free Yes-No Tarot.

●Birth Tarot - Know your Birth Tarot Cards free and find which Tarot Cards empower you according to your Birth date.

●Free Card of the Day - It provides you the Universe’s message about what the day brings for you in terms of love, career and money.

●What I Think-Feel-Do Spread - A free 3-Card tarot spread that enables you to gain more clarity on what you think, what exactly you feel and what you really do.

●Situation-Action-Outcome Spread - Know what the present situation holds for you, the actions you are required to take and the possible outcome with this free 3-card tarot spread.

●You-Your Potential-Your Path Spread - Unravel the hidden aspects of your personality, your true potential and your path of life with free this 3-card spread.

●Ask A Question - Ask your concern with our tarot experts and get answers.(paid feature)

●Success 2020
-Get guidance on how to successfully follow and complete your 2020 Resolution, with “NumeroTarot Guide”. (paid feature)
-You may set your Free Resolution 2020, guided by Tarot.

●Birthday Spread - Know the lessons you learnt in the past year, your strengths, your goals, upcoming challenges and what the coming year will teach you with the 5-card reading for your Birthday. (paid feature)

●Numerology - Get your free numerology reading & know your life path, destiny, maturity & personality numbers with numerology calculator.

●Astrology - Get your Birth Chart Report, Timeline Report and Love Compatibility Report based on your Birth details. These astrology reports will take you a step closer to your future. (paid feature)

●Tarot Card Meanings - Know the tarot card meaning of all 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana Tarot Cards. Find out about their symbols, meanings, and love meanings in this section.

●Spin to Win - Spin the wheel once in a day and get a chance to win an exciting offer daily.
We provide an option to subscribe to our Ad-free version. Upgrade your experience now! (paid feature)

Advanced Phone Cleaner for Android - Anti-Malware and Booster

Advanced Phone Cleaner a complete cleaner and optimizer app for your Android smartphone which includes features i.e Junk Cleaner, Speed booster, Antivirus and many more.

Tarot Card Readings, Numerology and Astrology Predictions

Tarot Life app to get answers about love, career, & finance by tarot cards reading,Numerology and Astrology. Free Download it on Android, iOS, and Windows.