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Updated by narayandhakad0245 on Jul 15, 2020
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8 Effective Marketing blogs which can Grow your Business

To start a business or to grow a business we must have an important skill and that is marketing skill. So here I have detailed blogs about marketing for you and your growth.

Marketing Research- 6 steps to Conduct a perfect Research

Marketing research is a process where a company collect all required information from the market. In this competitive environment, it is crucial to conduct.

Consumer Market- 5 step-by-step Consumer Buying Process

Consumer Market, Consumers during buying, unconsciously follow some step-by-step processes. So as a marketer, you must need to know and apply them. 1st step

Business Market- 8 step-by-step Business Buying Process

Business Market is a market where one business sell or buy products from another business. But do you know how a business buyer buys a product for resell?

Target Audience- 3 effective steps to find an attractive Audience

Target audience, as a marketer you can't sell your product or service to everyone. Because different people have different types of needs and wants.

Customer Loyalty - Detailed guide about Loyalty building

Customer loyalty, do you know loyal customers can protect a business from its competitor and helps to maintain the leadership in the market...

Brand Positioning- 3 effective steps to differently Positioning a Brand

Nowadays in this competitive environment positioning of a brand effectively is very crucial. Brand positioning is a process where a company position its..

Brand Equity- 3 effective process to build Brand Equity

Brand equity is an additional value equipped to products and services with customers. When a customer wants to buy something then it reflects. And...

Advertising Program - 5 steps to design an effective advertising program

Advertising Program, plays an import role to communicate our product and service's benefits to our customer. So to design an effective advertising program..