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Headline for Five Vietnamese Breakfast Meals – Delightful Dishes of Vietnam
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Five Vietnamese Breakfast Meals – Delightful Dishes of Vietnam

Most citizens in Vietnam are early risers, who are up and ready at the crack of dawn. You can see the young and the old alike doing their stretches or taking a stroll along the streets. But what they really crave is a delicious dose of their favourite Vietnamese breakfast. Here are some of their top picks!


Banh Mi

Considered the equivalent of the French baguette, Banh Mi is only second to Pho concerning its popularity among the Vietnamese. The French Baguette was introduced to Vietnam during the times when the country was a part of the French Indochina. During the years, the natives incorporated the traditional cooking traditions and the local ingredients to this dish to transform it into the mouthwatering delicacy that it is today. The bread is split along its length to create the delicious insides of Banh Mi, with a delectable assortment of Vietnamese ingredients such as pickled daikon, coriander leaves, and a type of pork sausages native to the country.



A famous Vietnamese dish across the globe, it is likely that you've heard about Pho, whether you've tasted it or not! It is a classic dish that frequents the dining tables of many Vietnamese households. This palatable dish is a blend of flat rice noodles and medium-rare beef that dances in a swirling broth which is full of flavours. You can enjoy this all-time favourite dish of Vietnam at many street food stalls that lie adjacent to many a serviced apartment in Ho Chi Minh District 1 the likes of D1mension Residences. Pho has two varieties that have sprung up from the two ends of the country: Pho Nam and Pho Hanoi. Out of these, Pho Hanoi is considered more popular, particularly for its clear broth that is garnished with a bit of bird's eye chilli and a squeeze of lemon.


Bun Bo Hue

With its roots lying in the city of Hue of Central Vietnam, Bun Bo Hue is famous for the traditional cooking styles of the former royal court, with which it's prepared. The curvy strands of the rice vermicelli, flowing nonchalantly in the inviting red broth are telltale signs of the quality and the rich flavour of this dish. Often served with Vietnamese sausage and ham, slices of beef, and finely chopped green onions, Bun Bo Hue produces a surprisingly delicious blend of the salty, spicy, and umami flavours. The ravishing flavour of this dish is probably is a result of simmering bones of beef along with a selection of lemongrass for some hours.


Banh Cuon

A steamed rolled rice pancake, Banh Cuon shouldn't be missed if you get to have breakfast in Vietnam. It is a dish of fermented rice-flour sheets wrapped around a delicious assortment of mushrooms, ground pork, and minced shallots. These thin sheets are made by spreading the batter on a cloth and steaming them to make thin and wavy sheets. Banh Cuon varies from region to region due to the ingredients and a variety of dipping sauces used. It is one of the unique dishes of the Vietnamese that must be tasted by anyone that visits the country.


Banh Bao

Vietnamese dumplings or the Banh Bao has its roots lying in China. However, it has been adapted to the tastes and fancies of the natives over the decades. Much smaller than its Chinese predecessor, the Vietnamese dumplings are stuffed with the easily available ingredients of the country such as minced pork, quail eggs, vermicelli, and mushrooms. You can easily find some Banh Bao in the country at many street food stalls along the pavements.