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Updated by Minhaj Ahmed on Apr 13, 2021
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Best Drones Under $500

This list contains some of the best drones that can be purchased for under $500. All of these drones can be used for professional reasons, they all come with amazing HD cameras and have autonomous flight modes.



Hubsan Zino Pro

This is an amazing drone that not only looks great but also comes with some stunning features that will make it easier and more fun to fly. The drone has a nice foldable design and comes with a 4k camera that can record video footage at 30fps and capture still images in 12mp. This is a very compact drone and is especially good for people who travel a lot. The drone has a flight time of 23 minutes and has a long transmission range, definitely one of the best drones under $500.


DJI Mavic Mini

DJI are the best consumer drone company in the world and the Mavic series of drones are probably the most famous. The DJI Mavic Mini is their cheapest high-end drone that costs less than $500 but still comes with many of their innovative features that have made them a dominant force in the world of drones. The drone comes with an amazing 2.7k camera that cam shoot amazing slow-motion and hyperlapse videos and also take 12 mp still images. It has a feature called quickshots that will allow anyone to take amazing videos and images at the click of a button and with its newly developed DJI app, you will be able to edit and share videos with your family and friends. A fantastic drone that has a flgiht time of 30 minutes and 4km transmisson range.


Hubsan Zino

The original Hubsan Zino is still a great drone, it looks fantastic, has a compact foldable design which makes it easy to travel with and comes with some amazing features. The main feature of this drone is its 4k camera that is stabilised by an advanced 3-axis gimbal for superior quality images and videos. The camera has a video processor from Ambarella which makes sure that the 4k video footage is crystal clear and free of distortion and it also has an image sensor from Sony that will capture high-quality photos in 12mp. The drone has a flight time of 23 minutes and a transmission range of 1000 meters.


Parrot Anafi

The Parrot Anafi is one of the best drones under $500, it has a unique foldable design that makes it more compact than most other drones and is very lightweight. This is an excellent drone to travel with and it comes with many advanced features such as intelligent flight modes which include a follow me mode and circle mode. With its advanced image tracking technology, the drone will follow you from behind and allow you to take some stunning videos with its 4k camera and also capture images in 21mp. As it comes with an advanced gimbal system, the photos and images will be free of distortion and can be used for commercial reasons. The drone has a flight time of 25 minutes and has a transmission range of 4km.



The FIMI X8 SE is one of my favourite drones on this list, it an amazing drone that is ultra-portable and is no bigger than a large smartphone in its folded form. The drone has a streamlined aerodynamic design and along with the help of its brushless motors, the FIMI X8 SE can reach a speed of up to 60 km/h. The drone comes with several intelligent flight modes which include a smart tracking mode, this is where the drone will track your movements from behind, parallel or from above. You will also be able to take some amazing cinema-quality videos with its 4k camera and shoot stunning photos in 12mp with HDR support. The drone has a flight time of 35 minutes and a transmission range of 8km. This is definitely one of the best drones under $500.