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Top Adventures in Queenstown – For the hardcore adventurer

Calling all adventure lovers out there is the adventure capital of the world Queensland! With mountains, lakes and extraordinary scenery, there's everything you ever dreamed of doing when on an adventure! Here are a few thrills to get you all pumped up for the journey.


Do heights thrill you?

If the answer to this question is a big fat yes, then bungy jumping is definitely for you! Agree? It all began with a man named AJ Hackett who, one day decided to tie himself to an elastic cord and jump off a massive height! And it all happened in Queensland too. There are several bungy jumping places in the city ever since. Kawarau Bridge is where the very first commercial bungy jumping operations hit off. You could also head over to Queenstown Hill which is just 7 minutes away from hotels like Oaks Queenstown Shores Resort.


Spills on the water

Bungy jumping sure is thrilling, but if you haven't experienced a jet boat ride in Queenstown, you just haven't enjoyed the city too the fullest. Shotover is not far downtown and is one of the most exciting rides you'll have in your life! The boat takes you close enough to rocks to getting your heart pumping even faster. Not to mention, the very narrow lanes of water in the canyon and much more rip-roaring adventure and scenery and await you on this jet boat ride.


The hike of a lifetime

If hiking interests you, the Ben Lemond trail is one that you simply can't miss out on during your time in Queenstown. It's quite an amazing climb, the whole course takes about 6-8 hours to climb up and get back down, so prepare to sweat it out. The many lakefront apartments in Queenstown available for a luxurious rest are all the more reason to try this activity. Once you've hit the summit, you'll not be disappointed! The view is truly mesmerising enough to make you forget the aches in your limbs. The trail is open from the beginning of November to the end of March, during the rest of the year, the mountain is covered in snow and temperatures aren't appropriate for a hike.


Go crazy on a Luge!

Why not try one of the most fun activities in Queensland, riding the Luge on the skyline! Hop onto a little buggy and start steering around winding tracks and go as fast as you can (if you have good control that is!). It's ideal to try out with a bunch of friends for a better race, still, even if you are travelling alone, this activity can always brighten your mood.


Sunrises and sunsets

If you really want to see something dreamlike but are not up to the task of hiking all the way up Ben Lemond, then the next best option is Queenstown Hill. Once you reach the summit, the view of the Remarkables and the Wakatipu River will definitely take your breath away. What's even more brilliant is watching the sunrise and sunset from the very peak.

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