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Updated by Joanna James on Aug 21, 2020
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Top Reasons to Not Skip College – Paving the Way For a Bright Future

Wavering over whether to attend a college, campus or university to pursue your higher studies? While entering the job market as soon as possible may be alluring, here are reasons to first get your degree before beginning your career.


A Chance to Earn More

It is not just the job that is important, but also how much you earn. While gaining a higher income level is certainly not the only thing you should be aiming for in a satisfying job, it certainly helps! The more qualified you are, the better the chance of gaining a higher income when compared to those who do not have a degree; you can look forward to more financial independence too.


Reduced Rate of Unemployment

Among the many things brought to light during the COVID-19 pandemic is that job security is not guaranteed. That said, having a bachelor's degree in general means that you will fall under the bracket of those with a lower unemployment rate. Of course, this takes into account factors like age group too. Though all in all, if you possess higher education, you have more of a chance to be fully employed.


Be Competitive in the Job Market

The job market out there is super competitive and as you might expect, there is also a case where the demand for jobs outweighs the supply. There are more and more applicants, most of whom have a degree or higher level of education. If you are planning to be competitive and give yourself a chance to acquire that dream job, having a bachelor's degree or more will help.


Increase One's Knowledge Base

By attending college one has a chance to increase theoretical and practical knowledge in a particular field. Most curriculums have been developed with both those aspects in mind be it at Cambridge in the UK, Columbia in the United States or CINEC in Sri Lanka! Apart from learning from top academics and professionals in the respective fields, most courses also include industry placement which offers invaluable insights to real-world applications.


Chance To Work Abroad

Many colleges and universities feature internationally recognised qualifications which are helpful when looking to work abroad. From a university specialising in business or information technology to a maritime college, different institutes offer diverse qualifications which provide an increased chance to enter a foreign job market; companies are more likely to hire someone who possesses a qualification they recognise as a high standard of education. As an added benefit, such qualifications will also help those looking to apply for migration.


To Follow Your Dream Job

Of course, don't forget that attending a college and completing your studies gives you a chance to follow your dream job. You will attain the needed skills and knowledge for a particular field which in turn gives you a chance to land that position where you get paid for doing something you love! Additionally, because college electives can be diverse and give you a chance to study something different, you may even find a hidden passion for other subjects too.

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