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Penkraft DIY kits

Get yourself unique DIY kit from Penkraft ! Learn various artforms along with creating beautiful personalised artifacts yourself !
Transform your world with Penkraft DIY kits

Penkraft Resin Art DIY kits

Resin Art is made from using Resin- a shiny mixture of organic compounds, poured onto canvases and MDF objects from small cups in various forms to create intricate designs.
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Penkraft Fluid Art DIY kits

Fluid Art is one of the most fun Art form. Thin paints are used to create one-of-a-kind pieces without traditional brushwork. Pour in a swirl, strainer and flip cup techniques to make wonderful Fluid Art.
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Penkraft Alcohol Ink DIY kits

Alcohol Ink are bright dye-based paints, used to make abstract and random designs on various surfaces. Alcohol evaporates very fast and leaves back paint dried up in just few minutes. Mixing colours can create a colourful, vibrant marbled and abstract effect !
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Penkraft Dot Mandala DIY kits

The best thing about designing your own mandalas is that you have the freedom to choose whatever shape and colour that you feel express your sense of self and your view of reality!
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Penkraft Madhubani Painting DIY kit

Initially, the women folk of the village drew the Madhubani Paintings on the walls of their home, as an illustration of their thoughts, hopes, and dreams.The themes on which these paintings are based
include nature and mythological events.
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Penkraft Gond Art DIY kit

Gond Art a painting style using dots, dashes and fine lines in it extensively, and that too with an amazing level of accuracy and geometry. It is rich in colour, mystery, details; it mostly depicts mythology, animals, nature and their everyday life.
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Penkraft Warli Painting DIY kit

India has a rich tradition of folk art through the centuries history - one such art among these is Warli art. This beautiful folk art originates from the Northern Sahyadri range in Maharashtra, traditionally practiced by tribal women.
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Penkraft | Handwriting | Calligraphy | Abacus | Art & Craft

The magical art of mandalas makes you feel relaxed,focused and become mindful. The soothing and spiritual art of Mandala is a perfect artistic outlet to vent out their pent-up emotions. Get your Penkraft’s Pen Mandala DIY kit Now !

Penkraft Lippan Art DIY kit

Lippan art is a clay art form from the state of Gujarat, India. It is mostly done by the village ladies
from Kutch to decorate their homes. They can be further decorated with mirrors and colors. It is an uniques art form to learn !
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Penkraft Decoupage DIY kit

Decoupage is an art that uses layers of coloured paper cutouts from magazines or purpose-manufactured papers, that are glued onto various surfaces with Mod Podge, a specific decoupage glue. Usually, put on bottles and made as paintings, this art form has its own perks while creating an in-laid look.
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