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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 13, 2020
Headline for Ways to Improve Your Body Image – You’re Amazing Just the Way You Are!
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Ways to Improve Your Body Image – You’re Amazing Just the Way You Are!

Regardless of gender, many of us strain to fit into a certain mold that is dictated by our contemporary society. Advertising preys on our lingering doubts by showcasing ridiculously thin body sizes and ludicrous skin tones. It is crucial to stay positive amid these types of unrealistic expectations.


Avoid media that feeds on your self-doubt

If you're constantly on edge because of these magazines that feature supermodels that seem to have inhumane body structures, beat yourself out of it, because none of those are real! In this 21st century, where almost everything is technology-driven, these images of the absurdly thin and fair women are actually products of cutting-edge editing technology. Their bodies are slimmed, their freckles are blurred, and each and every one of their flaws is shooed into the air by these mega-industries. Do note that ultimately, your imperfections are what make you beautiful, not perfect symmetry.


Avoid degrading conversations on body image

It's quite common that someone should comment on how much you have gained, or how unsightly that blemish looks on your face. You know how bad and uncomplimentary it gets, especially when it comes to peer pressure, let alone your relatives. Well, you obviously can't avoid all of these people who spread negativity- especially if they are from work, school, and family! What you can do instead is to convert that conversation into something positive. Work along the lines of "when life gives you a lemon, make lemonade!" When someone comments on how much you have gained, reply with a witty comeback like, "Of course, I've gained, look at my curves now!" And while you're at it, do a little twirl as well. Don't let anyone get to you. Keep in mind that being healthy is the best thing you can be in life. Not stick thin and sick.


Appreciate your body

Turn a fresh leaf on how you choose to view your body as a whole. If you frown at your skin, or your arms, who's ever going to appreciate them? What you emanate is what you get back. Investing in your body is one surefire way of letting your body know that you appreciate it. Work on keeping fit and learn how to keep track of it at health and wellness retreats NSW offered by health spas such as Elysia Wellness Retreat. Invest in regular dental appointments and annual health checkups, and a pedicure treatment once in a while to radiate love into your body.


Eat well

Eating well doesn't mean that you should cut down on your required calorie intake. It means that you should take a balanced diet each day to nourish your body with the relevant nutrients. It means that you should replace the sugary substances and junk food that compromise your health by good food such as fresh vegetables, fruits, pulses, and nuts. Who says that good food has to be boring? You can simply have delicious meals if you spare a few minutes to go through the web to find some of the most delectable health food recipes you'd ever come across.


Find a purpose

People who have things to do, and jobs to get done, have less time to dwell upon negative body images, much less upon coming across a magazine that promotes highly unrealistic body images. If you've got time to kill at your hands, why not begin that creative project that you've been putting off for some time, or learn to play that instrument that you've been dying to practice for ages. Accomplishing something worthwhile would certainly feel better than looking a certain way pleasing to the societal standards. Not everyone is born with supreme body-confidence. Sometimes, you just have to cultivate it. Vibrate positive thoughts, and love yourself the right way to achieve the ultimate body image.