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Updated by Kayakalp Global on Aug 12, 2020
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Kayakalp Global

Are you suffering from skin diseases?
Now you don't need to worry more about it.
We ensure you we are giving you the best as well as effective treatment which also pockets friendly to you.

Scalp Psoriasis Delhi

Want a fast and result-oriented treatment of Scalp Psoriasis in Delhi.
Scalp Psoriasis is a skin disorder that leaves patches on the patient's skin.
It must be cured as soon as possible.
Don't be late to get treated.

Psoriatic Arthritis in Delhi

Psoriatic Arthritis in Delhi

At kayakalp global, you will get effective treatment of psoriatic arthritis. It is an inflammatory disease mostly starting appearing in the youth of 25-30 years.
Its treatment is necessary at right time. Otherwise, it leads to major problems.

Psoriasis Diet Delhi

Are you suffering from Psoriasis and thinking to cure it with diet?
However, it is the wrong Psoriasis that can be treated at the right time. Although, the only diet can't cure it properly. Diet can contribute only a few percents. At kayakalp global provide you the best Psoriasis diet in Delhi. Have a diet that has protective elements. Like, eat green vegetables, herbs, meat, etc.

Vitiligo causes

Vitiligo Causes

Vitiligo is a skin disease affecting all skin of the body especially scalp and lips are affected.
There are many reasons for causing vitiligo. Some of them are as follow:-

  • Lots of stress
    • Irregular lifestyles.
    • genetic causes
    • skin irritations due to wrong clothing habits.
    • Having milk and dairy products with fish is also one of the main reasons that cause vitiligo in the skin.
vitiligo diet chart in Delhi

Vitiligo Diet chart in Delhi

If you are suffering from Vitiligo, Kayakalp Global suggests a properly balanced diet.
Patient should avoid having fruits that contain citrus acid or we can say vitamin c.
However, Some suggest dairy products should be consumed. But Kayakalp Global will give you the best advice. Not to consume dairy products as it will cause fasten the growth of vitiligo in your body.
visit Kayakalp Global and get genuine advise.

Best Vitiligo Treatment in Delhi

Best Vitiligo Treatment in Delhi:-
Vitiligo is a skin disorder leaves white patches on the skin. It is harmful pigmentation disease. However, it is a long term disease that needs long term treatment. Kayakalp Global is here to provide you best vitiligo treatment in Delhi which gives you best end results.

Psoriasis Treatment in Delhi

(Psoriasis ka Ilaj in Delhi) –Psoriasis is a skin disease that is related to the immune system. Such disease need a full treatment for proper recovery. Kayakalp Global is the best dermatology centre offering various treatment which let you rid off from this problem. We offer the best and worthy Psoriasis treatment in Delhi.
Visits Kayakalp global

Best Vitiligo Doctor in Delhi

Vitiligo is a very common skin disease. In such disease, skin looses its skin cells or we may say that this disease destroys skin color cells.
At Kayakalp Global, We have the best Vitiligo Doctor in Delhi, who are specialized in their field. Our doctors give you best and worthy treatment of vitiligo

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