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Teaching 21st Century Skills - 5th grade

Technology has become an inseparable part of everyday life. It is important that teachers focus on having student acquire the "Soft skills" needed to succeed. Below feature a lesson plan tailored to a 5th grade audience for each of the 6 major 2lst century skills.

Developing Students' Critical Thinking Skills Through Whole-Class Dialogue - ReadWriteThink

Critical Thinking:
This lesson by the International Literacy Association features a lesson plan meant to foster critical thinking through classroom dialogue. Students must consider an open ended question and be prepared to defend their position to the class.

Collaborative Questioning Lesson Plan |

This lesson by Heather Robinson in Scottsdale, Arizona is a lesson plan meant to the skill of collaboration. The students will be placed in pairs, multi-student groups, or teacher-led groups in an effort to collaborate on the construction of questions a specific subject. The students are grouped based on skill to support each other's weaknesses.

Dream Room Design | Creative Educator

Fostering creativity through mathematics, this lesson plan by the Creative Educator turns the black and white world of mathematics to an area of limitless potential. Students must utilize their math skills to build and design a room fitting of their own imagination.

Lesson | Communication Lesson Plan | Drawing Lesson Improves Communication Skills | Education World

This lesson plan focuses on student communication skills. Students will work in pairs and communicate effectively in order to draw the most accurate pictures.

Grades 4-5: Learning to Lead | Scholastic

This lesson from Scholastic is a lesson on leadership. Students will read through the biography of inspirational leaders and determine their best characteristics. The students will present on the leaders would react to bullying based on the chosen characteristics.

Excel Lesson Plan | Budget with Chart | K-5 Computer Lab Technology Lessons

Media Literacy:
This lesson focuses on media literacy through excel. The students must buy clothing for a person in need using a fixed amount of money at 1 store. The student must not go over-budget, and the student must enter all information into an excel spreadsheet.