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Pet Care Tips

Here are the pet care tips that every pet parent needs to know to protect your furry friend.

Helpful Tips for Pet Parents on National Pet Fire Safety Day

National Pet Fire Safety Day - We have shared some vital tips for pet parents so that they can take the required measures and keep your furry pal safe.

5 Simple Grooming Basics to Keep Your Dog Healthy

Pet grooming isn’t something that anyone can teach pet-parents about. Either a novice or an experienced pet-parent, they are well aware regarding how to care for their pets. However, grooming is an iterating process and there are many benefits of grooming your dog, it’s important to not miss any part of your pet’s body.

Which Flea & Tick Treatment is Right for Your Dog – Topical, Chewable or Collar?

There is plenty of flea and tick treatments are available in the market in different forms like topical, chewable, or collar that is highly effective against the parasites. Here you will find which treatments are useful for what kind of dogs.

How to Be A Responsible Pet Parent

Along with the joy of having a furry pal as your companion, pet parenting comes with plenty of responsibilities. Hence, CanadaPetCare has come up with some insightful points on how to become a responsible pet parent.

Along with the joy of having a furry pal as your companion, pet parenting comes with plenty of responsibilities. Hence, CanadaPetCare has come up with some insightful points on how to become a responsible pet parent.

Best Dog Beaches You Should Visit on Labor Day

Labor Day - It is certainly a good idea to take a look at some of these dog beaches considered among the best which can guarantee an invaluable experience.

Everything You Need to Know About Animal Pain Awareness Month

The main criteria and goal of this Animal Pain Awareness Month are to educate and inform pet parents about animal pain and discomforts.

Dogs in Politics Day: Checkers and Five Other Famous Dogs in Politics

Dogs in Politics Day: Checkers is not only the President’s dog who has become famous, but there are also a few more part of this league. Let’s find out.

All You Need To Know About Revolution Plus For Cats

CanadaVetCare has a piece of in-detail information about Revolution Plus for cats, a powerful 6-in-one parasitic treatment so let’s have a look.

National Pet Obesity Awareness Day 2020 – Everything You Need to Know

This National Pet Obesity Awareness Day, just buckle up your dog with a lease, tie up your laces, and get set march on a fight against your pet’s obesity.

Which Treatment Is Better – Heartgard Plus Or Interceptor?

Make sure you thoroughly go through the comparison between Heartgard Plus and Interceptor so that you can pick the perfect treatment for your furry buddy.

Different Ways to Celebrate Halloween Day with Your Pet

With the Halloween Day fast approaching, let’s take a look at the different ways in which pet lovers can make the occasion extra special for their pet.

Pet Parent Guide: 5 Top Trusted Brands of All Times in Pet Industry

When it comes to pet health, pet parents always look for the brands that can bring in the quality treatments that are also safe. Let’s explore the top trusted brands that you can rely on for fur buddy’s wellbeing.


Top Trusted Brands of All Times in Pet Industry [Infographic]

Top Trusted Brands of All Times in Pet Industry [Infographic]

These brands are always on the verge to provide the solutions that are both safe and effective for your loveable companions.

Everything You Must Know About Bravecto For Dogs - Pet Product Review

Not many pet parents know enough about Bravecto, which is why we have come up with this blog that will reveal to you everything about Bravecto for Dogs.

Fun Things to Do With Your Pet This Christmas

There are so many fun things you can do with your pal this Christmas. We’ve jotted down a few, so take your pick and involve your pet to double the joy because ‘tis the season to be jolly, right?

All You Need To Know About Cats And Worms - CanadaVetCare Blog

Intestinal worms are also a major problem faced by many cat parents. In this blog, we’ll look at the types of worms in cats and what needs to be done.

7 Top-Rated Cat Dewormers of 2021 - CanadaVetCare

The best wormers for cats that can help you treat your cat & keep them protected from the health conditions due to worms.

Essence Of National Train Your Dog Month

National Train Your Dog Month - This is the time when the specialists/ experts/ dog owners and other trainers come together and share information about what they know.

Clean Those Teeth, Its Pet Dental Health Month - CanadaVetCare Blog

Pet Dental Health Month: Maintaining dental health is crucial to a healthy lifestyle and your pets really depend on you to keep them safe.

Puppy and Kitten Special Day – Establishment and Celebration

National Puppy Day or Cuddly Kitten Day is a celebration of our cute little companions. This is the perfect day for pet lovers to indulge their heart’s content and celebrate the unconditional love and affection puppies & kittens bring to their lives.

A Basic Skin Care Guide for Your Dog’s Healthy and Shiny Coat

The basic guide that helps you in your dog’s skin care ritual that can help you to be proud of your dog’s lustrous coat and skin for the years to come.

Lyme Disease Awareness Month: All That You Need To Know

In this blog, we will look at all that you need to know about Lyme disease. Also, what can you do as a pet parent to prevent this deadly disease from affecting your canine buddy.

Things To Do on World Pet Memorial Day

There are so many things you can do to remember and honor your pet on World Pet Memorial Day. Here we have listed a few ways.

Know Why to Celebrate International Cat Day - CanadaVetCare

World Cat Day is an Occasion to Raise Awareness of Cats. Learn more about how we can honor our feline companions in the best way possible!