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Top Property Investment Consultant in Australia

Are you looking to buy an investment property in Australia? High Income Property in Bella Vista would help you make smart decisions and guide you to invest in the best of dual income properties, NDIS housing and build your property portfolio when searching for home and land packages for development. We help you build financial freedom and security through research based, high growth potential, personalised property investment solutions

High Income Property Investment Strategy and Solutions

High Income Property is one of the leading property investment consultants in Australia offering property investors the options to be successful. We help you make smart decisions, whether you are looking for assistance in building a property portfolio or whether you are looking to invest in a dual income property. Start investing in best of properties in Sydney, QLD, Victoria, NSW and grow your portfolio. Get expert advice on property investment opportunities with our extensive research and planning. Know more on the benefits of investing in properties and how our property investment strategies could benefit your requirements for an earlier retirement. Visit us in Bella Vista or book your free consulting today by calling us on 0280074001.

Invest in Dual Income Property | Rental Yields upto 7% Per Annum | NSW

Investing in a dual income property is an effective way of making the most of your assets, as it can potentially double your rental income and increase your overall rental yield.

Investment Property Solutions for Australian Home Investors

If you are a first time property investor, or even if you have some experience in the market, deciding on the right property investment strategy to suit your resources, lifestyle and financial goals is not always easy. There are any number of approaches that can be taken when it comes to  buying an investment property, and no shortage of property investment advice available. While it is good to be as informed as possible, sometimes it feels as though there are too many options to choose from. 

What Is Positive Cash Flow Property?

Positive cash flow properties pay monthly income over and above holding costs. These costs include maintenance, supplies, property taxes, and other expenses incurred in managing the investment property.

What Is Dual Income Property Investment?

A dual income property is a type of property where the owner derives two incomes from two separate rental agreements. Examples of dual income properties include duplex, granny flat, dual occupancy, or dual-key property.

What is an NDIS Investment Property?

Investors being able to enter the SDA market represents a unique opportunity. There is currently a shortage of high-dependency accommodation available in Australia. For approved properties which are built for those with specialised accommodation requirements, the Australian Government will pay NDIS participants’ rental costs for 20 years and provide investors with rental yields of up to 18%.

Property Investing During COVID-19

Read more about property investment in Australia during the coronavirus pandemic, and whether it’s still a good time for buying an investment property.


Property Investment Strategies

Property Investment Strategies

High Income Property Investment Strategies for Australian Investors and Building Prosperity for People

Property Investment Solutions with High Income Property Consultants

At High Income Property, our aim is to show you how to create wealth with property. Our property advisers help you choose the appropriate strategy based on your specific circumstances and what you want to achieve.

To do this, our advisers will take you through a range of property investment strategies using real world examples and property data, enabling you to see both the short and long term benefits and drawbacks of each approach, making it easier to choose the right way to build your property portfolio.

Generally speaking, we divide real estate investing strategies into three broad categories:

High cash flow
High growth
Portfolio builder

If you already have an idea about what property investment strategies might work for you, or you need assistance to run through all of the options available to you, our expert property advisers are here to help.

Call High Income Property on (02) 8007 4001 or email us today and one of our team will be only too happy to help you understand the benefits of a range of different property investment options.

NDIS housing investment with rental yields up to 18%*

Invest In NDIS - SDA Investment Property in NSW. NDIS is a unique housing investment opportunity with rental guarantees for 20 Years*.

Invest in Areas With Growing Infrastructure | High Income Property

High Income Property specialises in property investment and helps investors find high growth areas with significant infrastructure development.


High Income Property | Investment Property Consultants

High Income Property | Investment Property Consultants

> High Income Property | Investment Property Consultants

High Income Property offers Australian investors the opportunity to build a property portfolio through a range of options, including Metro and Regional House and Land Packages, Duplex, Dual Income Property, SMSF and NDIS investment. We work in partnership with first time and experienced property investors to help you grow a property portfolio through positive cashflow properties that deliver regular and ongoing income in the short and medium term, as well as financial security and freedom over time.

High Income Property assists investors with a tailored strategy to suit your financial position and long-term goals. Our success comes from utilizing the latest industry research to gain insight into the best places to buy investment property. We follow strict guideline for investment that helps you grow your wealth. When you work with High Income Property, you get access to a comprehensive range of investment strategies that will enable you to build the sort of property portfolio you need to achieve your financial goals.

We advise investors on how to maximize returns from a range of investment property strategies, including High growth housing investment, high cash flow investment, as well as how to invest successfully in upcoming areas with lower entry point. Our aim is to ensure that investors can derive income from positive cashflow properties by buying property in high growth areas with low vacancy rates and ongoing demand.

We do this by taking a personalized approach that helps you choose the appropriate strategy based on your specific circumstances and property goals. Book Your Free Consulting Today or call us in 0280074001 to know more.


What is dual income property?

What is dual income property?

A dual income property is a property where the owner derives two incomes from two separate rental agreements. Few examples of dual income properties include duplex properties, granny flats, dual occupancy properties and dual-key properties.

Duplex Properties: Two adjoining properties occupy land, with an equivalent title in most cases. this might even be a residential building split into two houses or apartments.

Granny Flats: A secondary dwelling, usually an equivalent size as, or smaller than, a studio , built behind or within the backyard of an existing property.

Dual Occupancy Properties: Almost like a duplex therein there are two properties occupying an equivalent plot of land. However, the properties aren't adjoining, though they share an equivalent entrance area and/or driveway.

Dual-key Properties: Multiple properties that share an equivalent front entrance but have separate access to their own living areas and kitchen facilities.


10 basics to know before investing in dual occupancy property

10 basics to know before investing in dual occupancy property

Invest in Dual Occupancy Property | 10 things you should know

At High Income Property, we advice our customers on the simplest possible solution for investing in their dream home. Check out the top 10 property investment advises for a dual income property


10 Basics Before Investing in Dual Occupancy Property

10 Basics Before Investing in Dual Occupancy Property

Before you buy | Top 10 basics before investing in Dual Income Property

Are you looking to invest in a dual income property. Here are the 10 basics you should know before investing in a dual income property.


Buying a Property? Avoid these 5 mistakes before Investing.

Buying a Property? Avoid these 5 mistakes before Investing.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Investment Property

Real estate is undoubtedly one among the foremost recommended and safest investments that anyone can consider. At High Income Property, we look at the top five mistakes to avoid when you plan to invest in property.


5 Market Insights for Investment Property in Australia

5 Market Insights for Investment Property in Australia

Invest in Property | 5 Market Insights

Post COVID-19 has caused uncertainty in housing and property investment markets. At High Income Property, we've looked at Australia's current investment property market trend to offer you a far better visual image.


Best Australia Regions For Investing In Property

Best Australia Regions For Investing In Property

5 Best Regions For Buying Investment Property in Australia

Buying the right investment property could be quite challenging especially with so many options. At High Income Property. we have picked 5 best regions to invest in property.


5 Reasons to Invest in SMSF Property

5 Reasons to Invest in SMSF Property

5 Reasons to Invest in SMSF Property

A Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) is a form of trust that provides a retirement income for its members. These members, who are also the trustees of the fund, direct their superannuation contributions into the SMSF account. While using super to buy investment property can in the right circumstances be a sound investment strategy, it is not a straightforward process.

Here are our top 5 reasons on why you should invest in SMSF Property.

What are the Differences Between Dual Occupancy and Duplex Investment Property?

A duplex investment property is a way of creating positive cash flow each month. Read more about what makes duplex housing such a good investment strategy.

How to Grow Your Property Portfolio Quickly?

Whether you've got yet to start out on your property investment journey, or perhaps only have one investment property under your belt, you'll be asking yourself what's the simplest way to build a property portfolio. High Income Property can help you to build property portfolio growth through expert advice on investment strategies and property portfolio management.

SMSF property investment in NSW, Australia

If you're planning for a self managed super fund property investment in NSW, you could produce substantial, long-term returns or it can be a costly mistake, so it’s crucial for you to do it right. Here are some important SMSF property investment options for you, and so it’s important to understand which one might be right for you. At High Income Property, we are specialists in SMSF property investment in NSW and can provide expert advice on buying all forms of SMSF property.

What is co-living property investment?

Co-living properties are purpose-built homes with features that increase privacy, such as individual rooms with their own bathrooms and other private spaces (such as private lockable pantries) in what would otherwise be a standard two, three, or four-bedroom modern house.