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We The World Magazine

We The World Magazine is a digitally-native media start-up, a brand owned by Paperboat Holidays LLP, which is focused on covering Indian and global breaking news, trending stories, travel news, environment, lifestyle, photography and much more.

We The World Magazine

We The World Magazine is a digitally-native media start-up which is focused on covering Indian and global breaking news, news on travel, environment, lifestyle, photography and much more.  

Furry Instagram dog hosts virtual trip to Switzerland for his followers - We The World Magazine

A white Swiss Shepard entices his currently 208k Instagram followers by hosting them to a breathtaking virtual trip to Switzerland trip while taking his pro photographer mum for hikes every day.

Hyperloop plan targets Paris to Amsterdam in 90 minutes - We The World Magazine

Imagine sitting in a sleek pod-like capsule, that levitates inside a special tube and travels faster than the fastest railways there is, or nearly like airlines? a Hyperloop could make it possible. 

Urban Farming: A New Hope In The Horizon Of Indian Agriculture - We The World Magazine

With food scarcity becoming a global peril, countries around the world have started to rethink their food production techniques stressing on urban farming.

WARNING: Museums around the world share their scary collections - We The World Magazine

People can't just let go off exploring and seeing the world. Albeit from home, it has remained. But museums around the world have shown in a recent trend on twitter that they have things far from beautiful.

What kids around the world stash into their pockets? Here's an adorable journey into their world - We The World Magazine

In this big, bold, and serious world, how often do we pause to look at what kids around the world stash into their pockets? Because just like adults they too

12 funny animal compilations that prove they are the ultimate entertainers

We the World compiled 12 funny animal compilations to prove they’re the ultimate entertainers.

Swiss project ‘Urine Express’ to put human pee into sustainable use - We The World Magazine

Within just 2-3 days, this plant can derive 70 liters of fertilizers and 930 liters of water from 1000 liters of human pee.

Homecoming after 20-years: Thailand elephants return ‘home’ as tourism stutters - We The World Magazine

More than 100’s of Thailand elephants are reportedly released to trudge back home from their usual tourist-hotspots, as the novel coronavirus upends millions of jobs in Thailand, including that of the elephants. 

EXCLUSIVE: Japanese artist talks about ‘Zen art’ on bread which is winning the world's heart - We The World Magazine

Zen Art, a form of Japanese aesthetic (detailed later in the article) takes a sublime turn with Sasaki and her art on bread. Here, simple slices of ordinary bread become portraits of a fine art specimen.  

Dad gives funny kids' drawings real-life rendition and the results are hilarious - We The World Magazine

As a kid, most of us did not have a dad who’d give funny kids' drawings real-life renditions. Unlike this Dad Tom. 

In picture: fans recreate Met Gala looks for the virtual #Met Gala Challenge - We The World Magazine

As soon as the Met Gala challenge took off on Monday, the internet was flooded with individuals coming around with their unique ways to recreate their favorite celebrity’s looks. 

Constipated lizard broke record of having the largest amount of poop in any animals - We The World Magazine

Little did they know the unusual discovery they were about to make under the city scan: that it was a constipated lizard, and held a record-breaking amount of poop in an animal. 

Fell in love with criminals of Money Heist? It’s the power of storytelling to uphold resistance - We The World Magazine

Our entertainment industry has produced thousands of films related to robbery and crime like Money Heist. The strangest thing is that, we, the audiences end up falling in love with or empathize with ‘criminals’ or ‘lawbreakers.’

The Zen way of living is so close to what I need to stay centered in this trying times - We The World Magazine

People across the west are showing immense enthusiasm to practice a Zen way of living. If you know someone who is grappling with a hectic life, please feel free to share the sneak-peak into a Zen way of life. It will surely alleviate some, if not many, of the complexities of modern life. 

'Money Heist' star Alba Flores (Nairobi) features in stunning new PETA ad, urges fans to go veg - We The World Magazine

Alba Flores joins a number of other influences figures who have ditched cruelty and life from their plates. 'Joker' star Joaquin Pheonix, James Bond 'No Time

Salvage firm to access the forbidden ruins of the Titanic after modified court ruling - We The World Magazine

U.S. District Judge Rebecca Beach Smith, in a statement released on Monday, permitted a salvage firm to access the ruins of the Titanic that rests on the

From shooting & suffocating animals to Coronavirus hotspots, the grim truth of slaughterhouses will make you skip the...

From being hotspots of coronavirus to hell for animals, the grim truth of slaughterhouses will make you skip the meat.

Struggling with mental health issues during COVID 19? Here’re 10 ways to mind your business

10 best mental health practices you should apply if you are struggling from mental health issue in Covid-19 situation

Study finds penguin poop contains intense amounts of laughing gas - We The World Magazine

A new study published in the journal "Science of the Total Environment" found extreme amounts of nitrous oxide -- popularly called the laughing gas -- in penguin poop. One scientist reportedly went 'cuckoo' while in the study field. 

'An incalculable loss;' New York Times' front page marks heartbreaking US virus milestone - We The World Magazine

The front page of Sunday's New York Times has no image, no news headlines, no advertisements whatsoever. Just rows of text stating a one-line obituary of the

Coronavirus: Las Vegas artists honor healthcare workers in powerful painting - We The World Magazine

The art named 'HOLD THE LINE,' represents the healthcare heroes who are at the frontline of the pandemic

Inspiration behind JK Rowling’s Harry Potter- Revealed!!! - We The World Magazine

Harry Potter never grows old. Sometimes through conspiracy theories, through speculations or sometimes through fond remembrance, Harry Potter finds its way

Adding 'Garam Masala' among other spices linked to lower inflammation in the body, Study finds - We The World Magazine

Garam masala is a quintessential spice that is a must in every Indian household. A pinch of it on savory dishes adds a burst of flavors and aroma, one will

Turns out, PK's 'Tapasvi Maharaj' was just ahead of time as Faiths around the world go online - We The World Magazine

If Tapasvi Maharaj's idea of 'Online Aarti' in the 2014-movie 'PK' made you think he was a little too ahead of time and virtual with his faith, turns out the godman was just being farsighted. At least, today's Faiths around the world going online prove.