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Top Rated Mattress Topper

If you want to give your bed and your sleeping quality an upgrade, invest in a good mattress topper! A mattress topper is laid on top of your mattress and will provide you with cushioning, protection, and support. Many also have special designs to improve natural airflow to help your body dissipate heat in the night. A quality mattress topper won’t make your body sore and sweaty when you wake up.


What should you find from your mattress toppers?

What should you find from your mattress toppers?

With regards to choosing a new topper, it is essential to consider what you expect from your buy. This implies your mattress topper had better have the proper materials and features to meet specific needs.
These are likely the feel you desire, the quality of materials, etc. These could mainly affect your general sleep experience on your mattress. Thus, we are giving our bits of knowledge on the various elements of toppers and significant factors to think about when buying a new one.

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1. What feel do you like?

The primary thing that rings a bell when searching for a topper ought to be the means by which it feels to sleep on it. This is the fundamental explanation you are most likely not happy with your present mattress and look for something to fix it.

In this light, there are just three degrees of comfort that you may have on the bed.

  • The first is the gradually sinking feel that gives fantastic degrees of softness and cushion to your body. This ought to enhance general comfort while you are sleeping, in the event that you do not wish your body to feel pressure against the surface of your mattress. Additionally, the softened and sinking feel will ensure that your bruises and sores are getting the least impacts, in this manner, enabling improved stress-relief effects.

  • The second level is the bouncy and firm feel from your topper that enables you to keep steady over the mattress consistently. The min contact with the mattress surface will decrease heat accumulation. This guarantees you will not get excessively hot while resting on your topper. Likewise, the bouncy nature is likely to interest some users since it boosts support cum a spongy experience during the sleep.

  • For the last level, some of you may incline toward the fluffy and soft feel, which is totally not the same as the gradually sinking feel that you enjoy from memory foam. Rather, the superb softness from the down cum feather fill will enable you to feel like you are resting on a fluffy comforter.

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2. Thickness and firmness

To ensure that you make the best use out of your new matters topper, it is essential to choose the degree of firmness that you desire to have. This has to do with the mattress's thickness and the materials.

  • Subsequently, for people who are searching for a soft mattress, the down fill or memory foam topper ought to be your go-to item. To appreciate a superior degree of softness and comfort, you can rely on a thicker construction, ideally three inches or more. To keep up the balance of support and comfort, you should go lower.

  • Meanwhile, to additionally improve the degree of firmness, the latex mattress tends to be more pleasant. What's more, in this regard, the thicker your mattress is, the firmer it will become, and you will likewise appreciate a superior supportive and bouncy feel.

3. That is not all!

There are some other factors that you should consider in your mattress toppers. The details of them and the related product recommendations are only here at TheKingLive: Be sure you read through this guide - it is a huge help!


Complete Guide On How To Wash Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Complete Guide On How To Wash Memory Foam Mattress Topper

What are the most common mistakes when you clean your memory foam mattress topper? And how to wash it the right way?

A great many people take the task of cleaning memory foam toppers too casually. As a consequence, they tend to make dreadful mistakes. The aftermath is a deficiently washed foam pad with its degraded quality as well.

That is why before you think about the washing, stay away from making the mistakes below.

1. Returning a topper that is still damp

A lot of people never let a foam pad dry completely before they return it to their bed. In case you do not know, the dampness content left on the topper will boost the mold growth, which hence prompting an unusual smell. Remember to dry your foam topper fully before you lay it on the bed.

2. Utilizing a dryer on your foam topper at a short proximity

A dryer can be useful for making your pad dry more quickly, but it may be a disaster to the surface foam cells if you do not use it properly. The excess heat the dryer generates is adequate to harm your topper’s surface. Thus, keep the dryer at a reasonable distance for the pad surface. Also, please set it to enable the appropriate level of heat.

3. Uncovering the foam pad to direct daylight longer than usual

It is not proper to dry your memory foam topper in direct daylight. But be that as it may, in case you do want to do as such, expose it to the sunlight over a short time. This way helps keep the damaging sun rays from harming your foam topper.

4. Machine washing your foam pad

Would you be able to wash this type of topper and follow with getting it dry in a tumble dryer the normal way? The not good news is, in most cases, doing so is not safe. That is why, except if allowed by the producer, never assume that machine washing a foam pad is free of risks.

5. Utilizing some other detergent on the pad

When washing your topper, do not just go for any other low-quality detergent at a low price. More often than not, these cleaning chemicals are likely to wash away the topper’s color and consequently make it more stained than previously. For example, say no to hydrogen peroxide.

6. Relying on hot water

To keep up the foam cells’ texture and efficiency, always utilizing cold water during washing. Heated water most likely ruins the cells.

7. Squeezing your foam topper

To get rid of overabundant water from your foam pad, you may choose to squeeze it. But be that as it may, pressing the pad does meddle with its consistency.

Now that you know what not to do, how to clean your memory foam mattress topper properly? Check out the best step-by-step guide right here now:


The Best Mattress Topper Reviews And Buying Guide

The Best Mattress Topper Reviews And Buying Guide

Replacing an old mattress is definitely expensive. For most people, it’s the kind of investment you have to save up on for weeks before setting the money down. But really, there is a way for you to renew your mattress that’s far cheaper: a mattress topper.

A lot of people, unfortunately, aren’t aware of this super handy piece of cushion. Essentially, it’s a thinner bedding that can be put ontop of your old mattress, creating an entirely new sleeping surface for you. When you lay down on top of it, it would be the topper that gives you the cushioning and support, rather than your old mattress.

As a result, although you would be sleeping on literally the same old, clunky mattress as you were before, your sleeping experience is significantly improved. Some even goes so far as saying that putting a topper on top of an old mattress makes it as good as new!

A good mattress topper can be found for quite a cheap. Right now, you can find a memory foam topper for around $50 to $150. In contrast, a full-sized memory foam mattress will set you back between $190 to as high as $1,200. With such a great disparity, if you’re looking an affordable option, it’s obvious which one to choose.

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The reason they can be so cheap is due to their smaller size (thus, they use less materials than a full mattress.) A topper typically measures around a few inches thick. They rely on your old mattress to serves as the foundation and acts mostly as a comfort layer at the top. Thus, manufacturers can make them out of normally-costly materials like memory foam, latex, and premium wool without breaking buyers’ banks.

Mattress toppers can do more than just giving you greater comfort in your old bed, though.

Modern toppers are incorporated with useful features like motion-eliminating and hypoallergenic tech. If you sleep with a partner and you often toss and turn around the bed, a motion-eliminating tech can help you avoid disturbing your bedfellow. And for those with allergies, hypoallergenic toppers can help you avoid bed rashes from dust and mites.

Some of them are even scented with comforting smells like lavender to lessen stress while you’re in bed!

And it’s also worth mentioning that a good topper doesn’t just help people with a failing mattress. New mattress owners can benefit, too! If your new bed is too firm or too soft for your taste, a topper can help adjust the firmness of the sleeping surface.

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Last but not least, since they can reduce compression and wear on your mattress, a topper can improve your mattress’ lifespan significantly. That saves you a lot of money in the long run.

So, armed with the knowledge of how great a good mattress topper can make a difference to virtually every one of our readers, our team has compiled several guides and reviews for you.

The buying guides will give you all of the important information you ought to know about mattress toppers. From the different kinds of material, their advantages and disadvantages to sizing guides. These articles can help you pick the perfect topper for your bedroom.

Then, moving onto our reviews, we have a range of best rated products for you to browse through. Our curators have made sure that we only choose the best products on the market to present, so no need to worry about quality! Just pick the one that fits your taste and your budget the best (and we’ve made sure that everyone’s tastes and budgets are covered.)

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Linenspa 2 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper Reviews: Full Size, Queen Size

Linenspa 2 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper Reviews: Full Size, Queen Size

Which Healthy Habits Can Give You Better Sleep At Night?

Refrain from sleeping with your pets

According to some studies, sleeping with your pets on your bed can cause restless nights. Thus, you should consider a “separate bed” for your dogs and cats, such as a heating bed, an elevated bed, and a nesting bed.

Don’t consume caffeine after 2 pm

Drinking caffeine even six hours before your bedtime can disrupt your sleep. Depending on each individual, you should know when you should stop drinking this beverage in the day.

Do exercise regularly for better sleep

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In fact, doing exercise on a regular basis brings you several benefits: releasing endorphins, falling asleep faster, and waking up with a well-rested feeling.

This healthy habit just takes you about ten minutes per day to significantly raise your sleep quality.

It’s okay to participate in your favorite physical activities such as walking, running, or hiking. But, if possible, you had better join a local gym to have a personal trainer.

Create your nighttime routine

I know that many of us love using a cell phone or watch TV in the evening, but these activities are overstimulating.

Creating a consistent and calming bedtime ritual can help your body recognize that it’s time to sleep.

Don’t take a nap too close to the evening

While a 15-30-minute nap can provide you with a lot of benefits, long naps in the late afternoon lead to adverse effects on your sleep quality.

Our circadian rhythm will decrease in the early afternoon (2-3 p.m), so you usually feel more sleepy at this time. It is an ideal time to doze off without badly influence your sleep at night.

Resist snoozing the alarm

Snoozing the alarm can make you more tired when waking up. This condition can become worse if you hit the snooze button many times every single day.

This just makes your brain confused, and you can’t wake up naturally, especially, snoozing the alarm can’t help you reach the restorative level of sleep.

When sleeping for 7-9 hours every night, your body can wake up naturally even before the first alarm goes off.

If this is set in your ways, try to gradually drop the number of times you snooze the alarm clock. I think that one day you will be able to walk up after just the first alarm.

Though developing healthy habits is vital for your good night’s sleep, don’t forget your mattress’s importance. Is your mattress still right? If not, you can improve it by adding a mattress topper to it. Here is the link to buy.

Below are some unique ways for those who are hard to fall asleep:

Use your favorite essential oils

Are you looking for a quick and cheap solution to wind down and improve your sleep quality?

Essential oil aromatherapy can help you relax, both physically and mentally.

Lavender and vanilla oils are popular choices for better sleep.

If this is your long-term treatment, you had better invest in a vaporizer or an aromatherapy diffuser that can disperse into your room evenly.

Buy a sound machine/conditioner

In case you can’t sleep in a completely quiet space, why don’t you use a sound machine or conditioner?

They can create nature-like noises such as light rainfall and crashing waves. Or it’s okay to use a standard fan in your bedroom.

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Buy a Somnox Sleep Robot

This robot can help you calm your mind and relax your body because it is equipped with calming music. In particular, this design is able to replicate breathing rhythms and fit against your chest naturally, so it maximizes your comfort and sense of security.


Lucid 4 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper Reviews

Lucid 4 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper Reviews

How To Remove Pet Hair From Your Mattress?

Even when you groom your pet every day, he will leave more or less his hair on your mattress. If you are looking for a solution to remove this mess, you are in the right place. I am here to provide you some useful tips for removing pet hair from your mattress:


Using a vacuum cleaner

It seems strange, but you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove pet hair from your mattress. When using this machine, keep in mind that applying a vacuum cleaner on something soft like a mattress is different from using this model on a hard surface. Thus, the nozzle accessory works well on your floor, but it can make your mattress dirtier.

For cleaning mattresses, I strongly recommend you to use a nozzle with a brush that is designed for this purpose.

Using the dryer

Is your mattress covered by washable clothing?

If yes, running your dryer at the cool setting for a few minutes can help you remove pet hair on this surface.

Using a pair of rubber gloves

Before performing this task, you, of course, need a pair of rubber gloves. Put them on your hands, then rub pet hair on your mattress surface in circular movements. Finally, you just have to pick up and throw the clumps of pet hair away.

You just should apply this way for one or a few small hairy areas because it takes a lot of time and effort on your part to move your hands on the whole big mattress.

After using, you had better buy another pair of rubber gloves for washing dishes unless you want to eat your pet’s leftover hair.

What if you don’t have rubber gloves?

It’s okay to use a moistened and clean sponge or washcloth.

Applying static electricity

How to remove pet hair with static electricity?

You might be thinking about plugging something in. Forget it.

With this tip, you just have to put a pair of tights on your hand and rub the hairy area on your mattress. The nylon stocking produces static electricity to make the pet hairs adhere to your tights. If possible, you should invest in an electrostatic brush used for this purpose.


Grooming your dog

Prevention is better than cure. Brushing your dog frequently can minimize your pet’s shedding.

Buying pet-friendly fabrics

Some kinds of fabrics attract and gather more pet hair than others. Any pet owner shouldn’t choose clothing, pillow covers, and mattresses that are made from velvet, corduroy, and loose knits.

Here are some specific examples:

Compared to synthetics, natural fibers: cotton and wool attract more hair.

Instead, you can consider satin, leather, and other shiny materials that won’t gather hair.

If you are looking for a product that can fight pet hair, you should pick up a Lucid 4-inch gel memory foam mattress topper here


Quick Ways To Make Your Bed More Comfortable

Quick Ways To Make Your Bed More Comfortable

A comfortable bed will help you fall asleep immediately and maintain a peaceful night of sleep. Nobody wants to get up with a sore back or a tired neck thanks to a bad mattress. If you've been experiencing disrupted sleep lately, it is time to try some of our best tips to make your bed more comfortable.

Check The Condition of Your Mattress

Your mattress might be sagging or losing its shape after using it for an extended period. Good beds only last from eight to ten years, so if your mattress is over ten years old, you should consider having a replacement. Check your foundation and bed frame to see if any parts might need repairs. We highly recommended that you check your bed once a year for any damage.

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Get New Linens

An old and dirty sheet will prevent you from having a comfortable night of sleep. Wash your sheets regularly to prevent any bacteria from growing inside the mattress. A clean sheet is essential for good sleep, and it is also good for your skin. It would be best if you had separate sets of linens for hot and cold weather.

For example, you should get a sheet with heat-trapping material in winter to keep you warm during cold nights. While in spring or summer, a cooling bed sheet is a key to a sweat-free night.

Body Pillow

If you wake up with body aches, a body pillow is a quick solution for a refreshing night of sleep. A typical body pillow can go up to 5 feet long, closer to an adult's height. Side sleepers, pregnant women, and people with back pains can find comfort sleeping with a body pillow as they take the pressure off muscles and provide full-body support. Before buying a body pillow, you should try sleeping on the side with a regular pillow between your legs.

Try a Heated Blanket

Who wouldn’t love a cosy heated blanket on cold nights? These heated blankets only take a few minutes to warm up your bed and they make a great cuddle buddy, too! Most heated blankets include different warming settings with auto shut-off feature in case you get too comfortable and forget to turn it off.

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Flip/Rotate Your Mattress

Sleeping on one side of the bed might cause your bed to wear out and get uncomfortable. You might want to consider flipping your mattress to sleep on a fresh side and improve your sleep. Check with your brand to see if your mattress is flippable before you flip it. If your bed is only one-sided, you can rotate the mattress every couple of months to distribute body pressure evenly on the bed.

Consider a Mattress Pad

A mattress pad provides a plush layer to an uncomfortable bed. Mattress pads are available in various materials such as cotton, foam at affordable prices. Mattress pads can add softness, support, and protection to your mattress, strengthening bed quality.

Try a Mattress Topper

A high-quality mattress topper provides an extra layer to increase comfort and improve support. A mattress topper is generally thicker than a mattress pad, which adds more support. While there are various mattress toppers in the market, we have narrowed it down to the top 10 best mattress toppers to guarantee great night sleeps. Read more here: