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BIM Services

Tejjy Inc. provide services for Architectural BIM, Structural BIM , MEP BIM , Clash detection , Scan to BIM services, Revit Family , Steel Shop drawings. Tejjy bim consultants comprises experienced engineers, mep consultants, architects, contractors, estimators, surveyors with ability to deliver quality assured 3d models.


DCRA Permit in DC | E&S permit| Excavation permit| Patio permit

Experienced permit expeditor to remove stop-work orders through DCRA permit approval. Tejjy Inc. permit expediting services for construction permits.


Coordinated Design & Construction with Revit BIM Service

Coordinated Design & Construction with Revit BIM Service

Are you yearning for coordinated design and construction solution? Choose 3d modeling Revit BIM services from one of the top BIM service providers in USA and get a quick turnaround time for your project. Call the Revit BIM modelers of Tejjy Inc. at 202-465-4830 or


Customized Revit BIM Family Creation with Tejjy Inc.

Do you like to get customized Revit BIM family creation? Seek Tejjy Inc. BIM engineering company in USA at 202-465-4830 or and get a detailed information about your Revit components.


Parametric Revit Library Creation from Tejjy Inc.

Worried about your parametric Revit components? Hire Tejjy Inc. BIM modeling company in USA at 202-465-4830 or and get Revit library creation for your architectural, structural and MEP components. Click here for Revit Library Creation.


Choose Revit Point Cloud Services to Measure 3D Space

Want to measure space dimension in 3D? Choose Revit point cloud services from Tejjy Inc. BIM service provider in USA at 202-465-4830 or and accurately measure the dimensions of your space in 3D.

How BIM Revit Family Supports Architectural Building Design? - Tejjy Inc

The phrase Revit family instantaneously conjure images of furniture and interiors. You may perhaps speculate what Revit architecture design should do to the building.


Get Coordinated & Consistent Revit Bim Models from Tejjy Inc.

Want to get coordinated and consistent revit bim models? Why don’t you choose Tejjy Inc. BIM modeling company in USA and match your design build process in a comprehensive manner. Get in touch with the BIM consultants of Tejjy Inc. at 202-465-4830 or


Create your light source with Revit electrical outlet family

Do you want to create light sources, classify electrical families, understand connectors and host families in an accurate manner? Opt for revit electrical outlet family creation from Tejjy Inc. BIM consultants and obtain a perfect electrical model with electrical boxes, devices, plugs and other BIM objects. Call the Revit BIM modeling experts of Tejjy Inc. at 202-465-4830 or

MEP Shop Drawing for Construction | What Are Mechanical Shop Drawings?

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing shop drawings are a vital facet of the construction work process. MEP Shop Drawings include sketches comprising technical...


Engineering firms adopting BIM for structural in DC

Searching for an engineering firm who adopts BIM for structural in DC? Want a design build firm who could bring greater utility to your building project? Call Tejjy Inc. at 202-465-4830 or send mails at to get the perfect design and structural analysis for your construction.

How are 3D laser scans and drones used for BIM? -

The advent of drone and point cloud scan to bim software have made the construction workflow accurate and efficient. Combining the power of drone and 3D laser scan to BIM (Building Information Modeling), real-world environments are captured. Laser scanners and drones are able to take detailed photographs and the laser measurement of the interior of a building. AEC professionals are able to obtain an extremely detailed view of the project  and thus can take significant decisions.  Integrating drone and scan to BIM process, data analysis is performed in an accurate way for making improved decisions, implementing building designs, as per client goals.

BIM 360 Document Management Software for Construction Project

We uses BIM 360 document management software application for construction project to share, view and manage construction documents & 3D models.


What is Clash Detection in BIM?

What is Clash Detection in BIM?

Clash detection, an integral component of bim modeling services, is the realisation of conflicts through a computerized approach. The clash detection can be carried out on multiple 3D models and it is a splendid tool for designers, architects, builders, engineers, and contractors to find out clashes or conflicts in the structures. There are three major types of clash detection that occurs within 3d modelling software and they are listed below.

● Hard clash
● Soft clash
● Workflow or 4D clash

Hard Clash

Hard clash occurs when two objects interconnect each other or occupy the same area and steel rod in a concrete wall or a column running through a wall are best examples of hard clash. It will be costly to fix a hard clash if it is missed in the design process.

Soft clash

Soft clash occurs when objects impinge in geometric or spatial tolerance or a buffer zone is breached that affects access, safety or maintenance. Safety standards can be guaranteed through object data placed directly in the BIM software.

Workflow or 4D Clash

An engineer can get notified on any contractor issues, crew scheduling issues, delivery clashes as well as timeline conflicts through Workflow or 4D clash of bim 4d modeling services.
BIM clash detection procedure is absolutely necessary since it reduces project errors in ongoing or completed work before the occurrence of construction. It is a must have for recognizing and flogging conflicts that occur in revit bim modeling services, especially when working with several models which are clubbed into one compound model. An automated clash detection process reduces the manual time required to check the models and it can also lower the total construction cost of the project. Clash detection makes sure needless delays prior to fabrication and it cuts down price overruns or bim modeling service costs.

Although clash detection is not a new process, BIM software and its powerful 3D capabilities permit clash detection and clash detection searches to happen in the design phase. The bim modelling company in USA uses the software of the contemporary era to eliminate the need to manually lay drawings on top of one another on a light table to recognize any clashes.
There are two types of BIM software that are helpful in aiding clash detection, reducing human errors and making the design process more efficient: BIM clash detection and BIM modeling design software applications.

BIM Modeling Software

BIM design software will automatically alert user of a clash as he conceptualizes model in the software and Revit is the best example of BIM modelling service software. They are restricted in the notion that clash detections only work on one type of software and clashes can’t be altered if the structural team uses a different kind of software to the architectural team. Mep bim modeling service integration tools like Navisworks and Solibri are equipped with the ability to perform clash detection on various software. It is more feature rich than other two BIM software options as different types of software can be analysed at once.

DCRA Permit in DC | E&S permit| Excavation permit| Patio permit

We are experienced permit expeditors, taking care of your construction documents, removing stop-work orders through DCRA permit approval. Tejjy Inc. provides construction permit expediting services for DCRA permit in DC, E & S permit, excavation permit and patio permit, ensuring local jurisdiction compliance and helping you stay on top.


BIM companies in USA | BIM Service Provider

Top bim companies in USA are catering various industry verticals, including architects, structural engineers, mep design firms, general contractors, concrete contractors, home builders and many more. Blend your construction workflow with BIM and add value to your construction. Contact 202-465-4830 or for your complete project lifecycle management.


Core Building Design with BIM Modeling Services

Want to create an accurate digital representation of your built asset? Implement BIM modeling services for the core building design of your house architecture and collaborate with the power of information driven modeling. Get in touch with the BIM engineers at 202-465-4830 or


Get Point Cloud Scan to BIM Services with Tejjy Inc

Want to get highly accurate 3D BIM models from point cloud scan to BIM services? Get in touch with the reliable point cloud 3D BIM modelers of Tejjy Inc. in USA at 202-465-4830 or and get an accurate digital representation of point cloud scan data for your architectural, structural and MEPFP services.


How Information flows in BIM throughout facility operations?

Building Information Model is the storehouse of information about numerous services and project participants starting from the design build stage to the operation phase. The information in the BIM model keeps on updating as per the changes made by the stakeholders. Read More.


BIM Consulting Services – A Perfect Recourse for Migrating to BIM

Do you like to migrate from CAD to BIM? Seek BIM consulting services from Tejjy Inc. BIM service provider in USA and get a seamless transition from conventional 2D CAD and paper-based workflow to rapid virtual prototype. Get in touch with the BIM modelers of Tejjy Inc. at 202-465-4830 or


Accurate Digital Representation through Point Cloud Scan to BIM

Do you want to create an accurate digital representation of buildings? Opt for point cloud scan to BIM modeling from Tejjy Inc. BIM service provider and assess your building design progress accurately. To implement point cloud modeling, get in touch with Tejjy Inc. BIM consultants at 202-465-4830 or


Utilize pre-defined building purpose with BIM 2d 3d 4d 5d 6d 7d

Want to utilize the pre-defined purpose of your building with Building Information Modeling? Seek BIM 2D 3D 4D 5D 6D 7D techniques and meet all your construction project stage requirements in an apt manner. Get in touch with Tejjy Inc. BIM modelers at 202-465-4830 or


Home Improvement Washington DC Facilitated through BIM

Do you like to get an effective home improvement Washington DC? Choose a Building Information Modeling Company in USA – Tejjy Inc. and enhance your home in the perfect way with 3d modeling, 4d construction simulation and 5D cost estimation. Call the BIM consultants at 202-465-4830 or send mails to for your complete home renovation and addition.


Resolve project challenges through VR construction services

Want to resolve your construction project challenges? Choose VR construction services from Tejjy Inc. BIM design-build firm in USA and get high quality remodeling. Get in touch at 202-465-4830 or and find solutions for your residential and commercial projects.


Get an impressive revit model family from Tejjy Inc.

Searching for an efficient Revit model family creation service? Choose Tejjy Inc. BIM modelers and get detailed scheduling, enhanced communication and improved layout plan for your building structure.


Create an Accurate Design Model through MEP BIM modeling services

Do you want to get an accurate MEP design model? Choose MEP BIM modeling services from Tejjy Inc. BIM service provider in USA and develop your MEP model as per defined space and zones in the building model.