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Why Cyber Security is Important?

Cyber security is important because cyber security risk is increasing. Driven Global connectivity and usage of cloud services, like Amazon Web Services to store sensitive data and personal information. Widespread poor configuration setup of cloud administrations combined with progressively refined cyber criminals implies the risk that your association experiences an effective cyber-attack or information break is on the rise.

What Is SIEM? How It Works? - Activict Networks

Security information and event management (SIEM) has evolved gradually over the past decade. It helps the IT teams to be a lot more proactive in fighting cyber-security threats. It offers a more centralized approach to solving enterprise security issues. The unique aspect of security information and event management is that it combines both Security Event Management (SEM) with Security Information Management (SIM). Security Event Management carries out a detailed analysis of event data in real-time. This helps to provide even correlation, incidence response, and identifying threats. Security Information Management (SIM) analyses log data and generates the required reports.

Critical Cyber Security Steps to Protect from Cyber Crime

The term cyber security is utilized to allude to the security offered through online administrations to protect your online data. With an increasing amount of people getting connected to the internet, the security threats that because massive harm are also increasing. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

Protect Your Network Infrastructure with a Next-Generation Firewall ~ ActivICT

There are a number of components to look when choosing the right network infrastructure security system for your business. One of the most basic yet incredibly effective, options is the managed next generation firewall. Firewalls are an excellent choice for networks that use the internet, an internet and regular access to the internet for everyday business operations.

Penetration Testing Services for Mobile Application Security | Blog

This is where comes the need for penetration testing services, which can let the companies know about the vulnerabilities and weaknesses in their system. Penetration testing services can also be applied for mobile security; it is one of the major forms of development network in the whole world.

How ActivICT is Helping Organizations Prioritize Cybersecurity

Organizations have to realize that cybersecurity is not just an IT function, but is something to be given utmost importance. It helps you secure your gold – Data. Hackers can get their hands on sophisticated technologies and are easily crawling their way into networks that most organizations think are secure. On top of this, the ongoing work-from-home scenario and the shift to the BYOD model make it even more complicated for organizations to secure their data.

How Frequently Do You Need A Cybersecurity Audit? - Activict Networks

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Do you want to protect your business by identifying all the vulnerabilities so that it can be secured? Know how cybersecurity audit can be of a great help

With an ever-increasing landscape of cyber threats, it is essential to have all the necessary precautions beforehand. With the rising complexities of cyberspace, your organization might become vulnerable to possible data leak or data theft. It brings into light the prominence and efficacy of your cybersecurity system. Having an updated and efficient cybersecurity system by conducting a regular cybersecurity audit is no longer a choice but has rather become an obligation. Regular checks are necessary to ensure the efficiency of your cybersecurity system.

VoIP Technology for Home

VoIP telephone systems for a home depends on an exceptionally basic rule. Fundamentally, it takes your simple signals and changes over them to digital packets. These bundles would then be able to be effectively and cheaply routed over the internet network to any city on the planet where they are changed over back to simple signals and coordinated to the telephone number you are calling.

Can Your Business Benefit From a Penetration Test? - Activict Networks

With cybercrime breaches, malware and ransomware attacks on a toll in Australia, the IT and Security industry is suffering a bolt. The IT sector has come under a huge threat. While it is a fact that no company is safe from a cyber-attack, penetration tests can become a big source of help in boosting immunity. But, can your business benefit from a penetration test

Cyber Security and its Impact on the Economy & Technology

Cyber security and its impact on the economy and technology will captivate our efforts for the next twenty years or more than that. There are so many challenges in each individual area that it’s really tough to address each one in detail and give in the respect it is due.

Next-Generation SIEM for Strategic Business Capability

Security information and event management (SIEM) is a set of tools and services that offers a holistic view of an organization’s information security. SIEM solutions give a sweeping point of view on w

A Guide on Next-Generation Firewall and Cyber Security - ActivICT - Cyber Security Services Providers in Australia

In this modern world, internet and computer networks are the bloodlines of any business in this century, and no organization can afford data to be lost or infected that move through the internet and computer network. Managed next generation firewall acts equivalent to the blood test procedure performed prior to transfusing blood in the body from outside.

Assessment of Penetration Testing in Security

Penetration testing, shortly referred to as Pen test is a set of authorized cyber-attacks done in order to discover and verify the vulnerabilities of an information system. It is used for evaluating the security of a computer system or network that suffers from the attack of malicious outsider and insiders.

Network Security Audit and its Importance in Organizations

A network security audit is the process that many managed security providers (MSSPs) offer to their customers. In this process, in this procedure, the MSSP researches the client's cybersecurity strategies and the advantages of the system to recognize any inadequacies that put the client in danger of a security break.  Although the specific network security audit method…

Managed Next Generation Firewall – Best for Network Protection

Creation of obstructions or making a wall is probably the most ideal approaches to keep the interlopers and strangers at bay. A similar idea works in the online domain. Innovation has given a path for us to filter network traffic through a few layers that are completely proposed to keep hackers and viruses under control. These digital assaults are regular among application, transport and network just as data link level. Be that as it may, the presentation of the cutting-edge firewall makes increasingly effective ways

Cyber security services- Protecting what’s too precious to Lose - ActivICT - Cyber Security Services Providers in Aus...

Cyber security is the practice of securing software, networks and other digital platforms from all types of cyber security attacks. With the cyber crime cases growing at an increasing rate, every country and business is struggling to protect its sensitive information from data attacking malwares. This has made cyber security services a very vital part of a secure and well-ordered digital world. Internet has become such an integral part of our lives that most of our essential and day to day activities be it economic, social or personal - all are now dependent on a digital platform.

A Genuine Guide on Managed SIEM Services

SIEM abbreviated as Security Information, and Event Management is a software solution, which is being used by various companies irrespective of their size to detect and respond to potential IT security threats. The characterizing feature of SIEM devices is that they accumulate data from all IT resources on the system as event logs and present that data in a solitary interface where a talented security examiner can control and sort out the information to recognize Indicators of Compromise (IoC).

How will a Penetration test protect your business? ~ ActivICT

Cases of cyber attacks are increasing with every passing day and it has become a common practice for hackers to use complex malware and gain access to the systems and data of the organization. It is for this purpose that the organizations must make a significant change in their approach to cyber security. Hence, it becomes important for every business to carry out systematic penetration testing services and vulnerability scans to detect vulnerabilities and threats to security system.

Staying ahead of cyber attackers with the help of Vulnerability Management Services by activict - Issuu

Vulnerability Management Services work as a useful tool in protecting an organisation’s crucial information and systems. Vulnerability Management is the process of identifying, classifying, mitigating, and remediating detected problems within information system devices. It helps businesses by instantly detecting the configuration mistakes and vulnerabilities as soon as they are identified and takes immediate and appropriate action to reduce these security vulnerabilities and rectify the system.

Understanding Network Security Management Services

Network management can be defined as a system that consists of all the procedures, methods, and tools need to operate, administrate, and maintain networks effectively. It helps businesses and organisations in capturing an overall picture of their network performance and makes sure that the network infrastructure is running smoothly and efficiently.