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Updated by Orange Mantra on May 31, 2023
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How AI-driven Mobile Learning Solutions Are Reshaping Education System?

Currently, many industries are leveraging the full potential of Artificial Intelligence technology to enhance the way they’ve been working all these years. Edutech industry is one such industry that is investing a huge amount of money in custom eLearning development services to build the best school management software or other mobile learning solutions infused with Artificial Intelligence. Take a look at some of the ways how AI-enabled mobile learning solutions have transformed the education system.

How Tech-enabled Education Reshapes Teaching, Learning, & School Administration

Technology seems to be the only way not just to face this disruption head-on but also to prepare for the post-coronavirus world. Tech-savvy educational institutions have already transformed dramatically during the crisis. With a team of digital transformation consultants, seasoned software engineers, and education industry experts, we can deliver all kinds of EduTech solutions.

ICO software development company - OrangeMantra

OrangeMantra offers a range of ICO software development services that reshapes traditional funding processes. Being a tech-driven ICO development company, we take a futuristic approach to ICO software development. Our ICO development services include ICO token development, ICO business logic guidance, ICO marketing, and ICO backend development, among others.

Magento Vs Wordpress: Which CMS to Choose for Your Web Development

We at OrangeMantra created a comparison guide on Magento Vs Wordpress. After reading this gude you will have a complete idea about both the leading CMS wordress and Magento and which one will be better for your website and Ecommerce Development.

OpenCart Mobile Application Development Services - OrangeMantra

OrangeMantra offers OpenCart mobile app solutions that meet your eCommerce business requirements. Contact us for the best OpenCart Mobile app builder for Android and iPhone.

NativeScript App Development | Hire NativeScript App Developer

Hire NativeScript app developer from OrangeMantra, a leading NativeScript app development company to deliver reliable and best-in-class NativeScript App Development services at an affordable cost.

OrangeMantra - How to Build an Engaging IoT Smart Parking App for Users?

Parking app business is getting popularity among the entrepreneurs because it is not only helpful to the drivers but also to the parking space owners by taking non-cash payments. A properly functioning parking app with real-time information to the drivers is a great asset in saving fuel & operational cost. According to surveys it has been estimated that by 2023 IoT Applications will spend $3.8 billion on smart parking apps.

OrangeMantra - Workspace learning - What Changed This Year?

Change is inevitable. A statement we all can agree on after witnessing the events of this dreadful year. A lot has changed in the corporate learning environment as well, considering the imminent change in the whole world. There are multiple factors across the industry that are driving the change in this particular sector. Mobile Learning Solutions and virtual classroom software powered learning is replacing traditional methods. Furthermore, these methods are considered as new normal, meaning, even after the pandemic ends, these methods will still be considered as the standard of teaching from now on.

Mobile Learning Services | mLearning Solutions - OrangeMantra

OrangeMantra is a Leading Mobile Learning Solutions provider that uses activities and unique development techniques to help students practice and master what they’re learning. Our extensive range of services includes mobile learning services, education app development, Mobile learning app development, education mobile app development, Multi-platform Development, and much more. Get in touch with our experts to know more.

Headless Web Development | Headless eCommerce Solutions

OrangeMantra offer best Headless development solutions to create the best user experience. When you choose headless web development, there’s no frontend system to define how the content is presented to end-users. It’s a brilliant way of decoupling content creation and content presentation.

Orangemantra – Topmost MVP Development Company

MVP also known as “A Minimum Viable Product” is a development technique in which a new product is launched with minimum features to satisfy its users. After the initial user feedbacks, the complete set of rules and instructions is designed and developed. This technique of software development allows owners to spend the minimum amount on a basic application which will save the money. So, if you are also looking for MVP software development technique, then hire Our MVP developers from Orangemantra and get your software delivered on time. We have almost 20 years of experience in MVP software development helping in developing agile process.

Best Dealership Management Solutions for Retail Business

We provide a complete range of dealer management solutions to our clients that provide new functionalities along with streamlined integration with the existing system and domain-specific development. We have a team of expert developers that will provide all the retail management solutions to our customers.

Grow Your Retail Business to Next Level with Sales Force Automation

Sales force automation is the key for retail business nowadays as it minimize the cost and time complexity of the sales team. With the help of sales force automation, team will be more agile and efficient and will deliver better results that’s for sure.

Best Fintech development company in the USA and India

OrangeMantra is the leading *Fintech development company *in the USA and India. Our Fintech developers are experienced enough to provide custom Fintech development solutions to all enterprises across the globe. You can also hire fintech developers in flexible modules as per your business requirements at affordable prices. Consult today!

Rapid Application Development (RAD): Transforming the Way Developers Work – Orange Mantra

While developing a skyscraper, you cannot modify the design in a middle. Consequently, you have to follow the actual path from scratch. However, when you are creating software, things are changed. Here, you can transform the design, include features that remove unwanted elements without interfering with your end product. So, this is a big reason…

Best School Management Software Solutions in the USA and India

OrangeMantra is the leading provider school management software solutions in the USA and India. Our school management system experts provide the best smart school solutions to all enterprises. Get the best school management software solutions today!

Salesforce Implementation Services - OrangeMantra

Hire Salesforce implementation partner OrangeMantra for the most reliable and impeccable Salesforce Implementation Services, We are offering services over the globe.

Drupal Vs Wordpress Vs Joomla: Which is the Best CMS Platform?

If you are a Planning to build a website using Content Management System tool then which one to choose between drupal, wordpress and Joomla. Choosing one between these three will be the tough task as three of them having almost same functionality. Go through this Orangemantra Complete Web page and know the full comparison between these top 3 CMS available.

Three Reasons Software Testing Delivers Better Quality For Less Money

Busting the myth: Trends suggests that Quality Assurance Testing is losing its grip in the market as for the last four years IT companies have been decreasing the average budget allocated in QA. However, it’s the other way around: in this article we’re going to confirm that QA testing has made its place in the IT industry and is an Integral part of the Development cycle.
Read the detailed post at source - Three Reasons Software Testing Delivers Better Quality For Less Money

Drupal Vs Wordpress – Which CMS is Right for You for Website Development?

You will get to know the complete difference between Drupal Vs WordPress in terms of SEO, Security, extensions, and flexibility. You will also get to know which CMS is better for API development. Overall Drupal functionality is much deeper as compared to WordPress.

Orangemantra - ASP Dot Net Core Development Services

ASP Dot Net is the powerful technology developed by Microsoft team. Many applications are nowadays built with the help of Dot Net technology. If you are looking for a reasonable ASP Dot Net Core development services then you are at right place. We at Orangemantra provide one of the best Dot Net Development services as compared to the others. So hire our dedicated ASP .Net developers and avail best in class development services.

Contactless Dining App Development Services - OrangeMantra

We provide the best Contactless Dining App Development services for the food and restaurant industry. There is a huge demand for contactless apps in Covid times. So, if you are a restaurant owner and looking for multi-functional and user-friendly Contactless Dining Apps, then please have a chat with our experts.

Best Drupal 9 Development Services at Orangemantra

Drupal 9 is the latest version of Drupal CMS. It offers many exciting features for the developers including new themes and modules along with upgraded third-party dependency. Drupal is one of the most trusted Content management systems among businesses. Avail of top-class Drupal 9 Development Services at Orangemantra.

Orangemantra – Best DAPP Development Company

Hire our DAPP developers and develop DApp with block chain technology. We design Peer to Peer applications for a wide range of industries including healthcare and supply chain.

Our machine learning solutions and services are aimed at giving businesses data-driven, tech-enabled capabilities to stay ahead. From small businesses to medium enterprises to large companies, our services are designed to suit all.