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Updated by Rob Crilly on Jun 19, 2014
Headline for Boston and media
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Boston and media

There's lots being said about media coverage of the Boston attacks. Some of it is reactionary nonsense, suggesting that Twitter is killing journalism. Here's what I've been reading on the subject, and I'd thoroughly recommend Charlie Beckett's thoughtful analysis.

Is Your Social Media Editor Destroying Your News Organization Today?

FALSE REPORT>>> RT@ thematthewkeys: Just in: Suspect 2 on the ground at gunpoint. - Mike Hayes (@michaelhayes) April 19, 2013 ...perhaps if I was in a real newsroom with access to my work email, instead of shut out a month ago, I wouldn't be working out of a bedroom - Matthew Keys (@TheMatthewKeys) April 19, 2013 "The important thing, I think, is to-as soon as you know something that you sent out is incorrect, you correct the record.

Dear Police Scanner, Don't Believe Everything You Read on Twitter

In the chaos of Hurricane Sandy, Twitter was riddled with false reports from people listening to the police scanner. Local news reporters have long understood that the scanner is a source of rumors, tips, and leads to follow up on-but not a reliable source of confirmed facts. Twitter didn't seem...

Media Becomes Part of Story in Boston Manhunt

Reporters, camera crews and ordinary citizens with camera phones were squarely in the middle of the manhunt in Boston that gripped the nation on Friday, and the result was some of the most startling -- and at times unnerving -- news coverage in years.

NBC's Pete Williams: Media Hero of the Boston Bombing Coverage

When CNN became the butt of jokes for its erroneous reporting Wednesday, NBC's Pete Williams' clear, careful, accurate reporting in a sea of media confusion had made him the most lauded television news reporter working on the Boston Marathon bombing story.

Boston: just another day in the news revolution

What does the Boston bombing tell us about how news is changing? Seven years ago when Twitter was just another start up, media academic Paul Bradshaw created a model for the 21st century newsroom which showed how 'news' is now produced in a multi-platform, multi-source process.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Lost and Found

As always in America, the facts about what happened today near Boston were braided into what was shown and said about what had happened, and so the two became inseparable. There were two terrorists on the run in a Boston suburb; there were two, and then one, terrorists at large in the American imagination.

Don't Watch Cable News and Shut Off Twitter-Breaking News Is Broken.

Inspired by the events of the past week, here's a handy guide for anyone looking to figure out what exactly is going during a breaking news event. When you first hear about a big story in progress, run to your television. Make sure it's securely turned off. Next, pull out...

It Wasn't Sunil Tripathi: The Anatomy of a Misinformation Disaster

In the middle of the last night's nearly unbelievable turn of events, for a few hours, hundreds of thousands of people received a message about the identity of the alleged Boston Marathon bombers that was painfully false. Word got out that the Boston Police Department scanner had declared the names of the two suspects.