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Top 5 manga recomendation lists to check out if you're out of sauce

If you're out of sauce, then this list has you covered. This list features manga from the top of their genres with thrilling action, plots that'll keep you on the edge of your seat, and 10/10 artwork. Included are shounen manga, dark fantasy manga, manga with op mcs, post-apocalyptic manga, and manga about aliens.

Top 15 Best Shounen Manga of All Time | GAMERS DECIDE

If your life is lacking flavor, the action and adventure in these top 15 shounen manga of all time might be the spice you're looking for.

Top 15 Best Post Apocalyptic Manga | GAMERS DECIDE

The world coming to an end is more likely now than ever, and these top 15 post apocalyptic manga are a great way to prepare yourself for the worst.

Top 15 Best Manga with OP MC | GAMERS DECIDE

Let these 15 manga with overpowered main characters inspire you to become the strongest in your verse.

Top 15 Dark Fantasy Manga of All Time | GAMERS DECIDE

These 15 dark fantasy manga can darken up any day.

Top 10 Best Alien Manga With Great Storylines | GAMERS DECIDE

The otherworldly characters of these manga are part of the reason these are the top 10 best alien manga out there!