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Updated by Penny Christensen on Jul 03, 2020
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#RemoteLearning Roundup

What comes after #RemoteLearning? | Hot Lunch Tray

What does K-12 do when this school year comes to an end? When this moment of remote learning is over, what comes next? What happens next school year? Advise on how to prepare your classroom and yourself.

#RemoteLearning is Something Different | Hot Lunch Tray

#RemoteLearning is something different than face-to-face or #onlinelearning or #blendedlearning. Here is what you need to consider for the next time this situation arises.

Narrative Assessments | Hot Lunch Tray

Wouldn't it be great if every parent could assess their student this spring with a Learning Story template?

#RemoteLearning Project: Operation Relax | Hot Lunch Tray

#RemoteLearning and isolation from our teachers makes my boys sad.  We have to find a way to connect with our teachers. We want to let them know we miss them, value them, and we are more than our tenuous relationship with technology.

That #EdTech Boulder you've been Pushing... | Hot Lunch Tray

So, what does this new wave of #RemoteLearning mean for our #EdTech crusade?  It means we are newly valued and we need to hustle to keep and transfer that value to a better experience for our students and their families!

Coronavirus Student Journal | Hot Lunch Tray

This is your child's chance to document their own "walking up hill both ways to school" story. Help them creat a Coronavirus Journal for their #RemoteLearning

Week One Online Report Card | Hot Lunch Tray

Feedback at the end of Week One: School-from-home Online Report Card.

School-From-Home with Your Children | Hot Lunch Tray

Parents are now forced into a role they may not have the expertise to feel confident in and students are confused by the shakeup in their schedules and routines.  This is different than a Snow Day, but we can leverage some experiences to make the next weeks positive and beneficial for our families.

Day # School From Home #COVID19 | Hot Lunch Tray

With ever-increasing days under our belt as remote teachers, thousands of educators are likely taking stock this morning.  If this is the new normal, how normal was yesterday?

Prepare for School Closures | Hot Lunch Tray

Schools are struggling with how their actions would impact the community.  What are the factors your school or district is considering? #COVID19