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Sales Compensation Best Practices & Strategies

A compilation of dynamic resources to optimize your business' sales compensation strategy

5 Best Practices for Sales Compensation Management: Start by Aligning Finance and Sales

5 Best Practices for Sales Compensation Management: Start by Aligning Finance and Sales - (A Guest Post by Chris Newton, Xactly Corporation) Sales compensation and incentive plans are intended to motivate sales reps, to incent them to perform to their full potential in alignment with the business's goals.

Does Your Sales Incentive Plan Drive Customers Away?

Does Your Sales Incentive Plan Drive Customers Away? The following is from one of the organizations that allow us to guest post some of their great content, Sales Benchmark Index. You can find the original post here. It has been modified slightly for presentation here.

Sales Compensation and Gamification - Insert coin?

By Giles House Vice President, Marketing Communications and Products, CallidusCloud The first arcade game was installed in September 1971 at Stanford and cost the equivalent of $114,000. By 1981, when Pac-Man was as ubiquitous as Google is now, annual revenue from arcade games was estimated at the equivalent of $12.52 billion.

Personal selling is a primary marketing mix tool for most B2B firms to generate sales. Yet there is little research on how the compensation plan motivates a sales force and affects performance. This paper develops and estimates a dynamic structural model of sales force response to a compensation plan with various components: salary, commissions, lump-sum bonus for achieving quotas, and different commission rates beyond achieving quotas.

Sales Compensation Strategy: Growth Booster or Cost Control?

Design a sales compensation strategy that supports your company's growth Last week, as part of my series on growth sales compensation strategy, I discussed designing incentives that encourage more predictable revenue streams by encouraging sales execs to focus equally on large and small deals in their pipeline.

Five Sales Compensation Issues for 2013 to Act On Now

Five Sales Compensation Issues for 2013 to Act On Now It's true. Some sales and compensation leaders believe they have their sales compensation figured out. Their plans are performing as intended, supporting the organizational strategy and appropriately motivating the sales force at every turn.

Your Revenue Roadmap: Driving Your Sales Strategy with Compensation

On a chilly morning in Sacramento, I sat perched on a vinyl bench seat, warily eyeing my rolling workplace for the day: an 18-wheeler, windows fogged from the cold, vibrating slightly as its engine idled. My tour guide, Cliff, was a driver sales rep for a major brewing company.

Sales Compensation for 2013 and the New Fiscal Year... It's Not Too Late! " Better Sales Compensation Consultants

The end of the calendar or fiscal year usually includes some familiar activities - finalizing contracts for future shipments and revenue streams, finishing performance and salary reviews, getting budgets in by the deadline, and putting out the latest fire (while trying not to get burned along the way!).