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Headline for Current and Past Clients of Ariel Levin, Social Media & Brilliant Ideas
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Current and Past Clients of Ariel Levin, Social Media & Brilliant Ideas

This is a list of companies, businesses, organizations and individuals we work with or have worked with in the past

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Young, dynamic and driven best describe the innovative group of internet professionals that make up...

Tulip Winery

Tulip Winery is considered to be a rising star in the Israeli wine industry, due to the high standard wine production, with no compromises, starting from the selection of top quality vineyards; using the most advanced technology, and always providing full value for money.

Tulip Winery produces about 100,000 bottles of wine per year, sold all over Israel, and in several countries around the world.

Zapper QR Code Scanner App for iPhone

Download the Zapper Scanner app, for iPhone, changes your smartphone into...

RiT Technologies Ltd.

RiT Technologies is a leading provider of intelligent solutions for data center infrastructure management.

Sky Training Systems - Israel leading eLearning solution provider

Sky Training Systems Ltd. is the leading eLearning solutions provider in Israel.
The solutions we provide are all compatible with each other and are selected to meet customer needs and budget. Special attention is given to provide solutions that support right to left Hebrew and Arabic

Our greatest pride is in a rapid implementation process with close attention to the customer business processes and highly available and professional support.

Effective-O Odor irradication

Order a generator today for a two-week trial period - free of charge. Who does our service cater to? Basements, hospitals, public restrooms, "safe" or protected rooms in apartments/homes, occasion halls, banquet and conference halls, sports centers, hotels, yachts, dining rooms, kitchens, laboratories, automobiles, trucks, malls, cellars, theaters, closed areas, smelly areas, garbage rooms, for store owners, marketing chains, food warehouses, supermarkets and every place where bad smells must be gotten rid of.To reduce environmental damage.

כפר הנוער עיינות | AYANOT

Ayanot is a cultural community housing Israeli youngsters and new immigrants, adjusting its programs to meet current needs. The young people who live in the village are its heart. All of the adults in Ayanot – teachers, administrative and support staff – dedicate themselves to helping these youngsters advance, to bolstering their self-image, and enabling them to succeed.

The current status:
The school – within the boundaries of the village – has an enrollment of over 300 youngsters from the 9th-12th grades

נוגה וידר - בונה מותגים שמשנים לאנשים את החיים

הי נעים מאוד אני נוגה וידר, ומה שאני עושה זה: בונה מותגים שמשנים לאנשים את החיים. אני הבעלים של...


Avior PR

Avior PR

'אביאור יחסי ציבור' מנוהל על ידי ורד עוזיאל, בעלת היכרות של למעלה מעשור בתחום התקשורת, יחסי הציבור והדוברות.

המשרד מתמחה במתן ייעוץ תקשורתי, שירותי דוברות, אימון תקשורתי ויחסי ציבור לחברות וארגונים מתחומים מגוונים: חברות בנייה ונדל"ן, רשתות קמעוניות, ארגוני רפואה, מלונות, בתי אוכל ועסקים שונים בתחום התיירות והפנאי.

ImagineNation - innovation for everyone everyday

ImagineNation is an imaginative, deviant and disruptive global learning consultancy that allows coaches, leaders, and organisations to dance in the dis-equilibrium that occurs at the edge of chaos.

MichaLinks Human Resources Consultation and Solutions

MichaLinks – specialize in providing consultancy, while identifying and spotting leading candidates for various hi-tech organizational positions.


WHQ Inc. New York

WHQ Inc. New York

WHQ is an established window and door company specializing in working on architectural plans, and coming up with the best way possible to achieve a design without breaking the bank. Over the last 23 years we have completed hundred of projects in and around the New York area.

Uri Ofer Insurance

אורי עופר ביטוחים, הינה סוכנות ביטוח המושתתת על ניסיון רב השנים של אורי עופר עצמו בתחום הביטוחים. כבר מזמן לא מדובר בעוד סוכן ביטוח כי עם בסוכן ביטוח בעל ותק של יותר משלושים שנים, חלקם כשכיר בחברת הפניקס ומאז 1992 כעצמאי. סוכנות אורי עופר ביטוחים ממוקם בתל אביב ומשם הוא חולש על יותר מ- 4000 לקוחות מרוצים.

HCAT - Harris Consulting and Tax Ltd.

We are an accountancy firm with over 20 years' experience in the area of accountancy, business and financial consulting, international taxation and estate/trust planning.

PowToon - Brings Awesomeness to your presentations

PowToon is an online business presentation software tool that allows you to create free, cool, and awesome animated video explainers as an alternative to using powerpoint.

Hub Tel Aviv

Hub Tel Aviv is a space for social, environmental and technological innovation.

Eli Shine Professional Coach & Trainer

I coach hard working business owners who are looking to increase their profits while still having enough time and energy to thrive in all the other areas of their lives.
We work to tap into the wealth of knowledge and experience that you already have, and close the gap between what you know, and what you actually do.
Prepare to be surprised about yourself and your business, about your possibilities, your challenges and your results.

Brando | Strategic Branding

אנו ב-brando מציעים לעסקים, ארגונים וחברות - פתרונות אסטרטגיים בתחומי שיווק, מיתוג, מיצוב ותקשורת שיווקית שיהוו מרכיב חשוב בהצלחה העסקית. חברות מיתוג. חברת מיתוג

Ocean Business

Ocean Business Ltd. Is a new consulting firm settled up by environmental expert Mr Tobias Mendelovici.
The firm works mostly with Israeli sustainable technological firms.
Ocean Business Ltd. Connects Israeli start-up firms and R&D organizations with global investors, partners and/or distributors in emerging markets, with emphasis on implementing the technologies in emerging markets.

Atida Press

Atida Press is the publisher of Yosef Gotlieb's novel, Rise.

Kol Yachol

Empowering people through their voice.