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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 16, 2024
Headline for Things tourists should never do in Oman - A few tips for when you visit Oman
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Things tourists should never do in Oman - A few tips for when you visit Oman

Planning on a visit to grand Oman in the middle east for a feel of what the Arabian days and nights are all about? Well, the destination certainly is a good choice. The locals are warm-hearted and as welcoming as ever and there's plenty to see and do. Still, you want to try to fit in better so when in Oman, best do as the Omanis do! Here are a few things that aren't quite accepted in Oman.


Short clothes? A definite "no"

When it comes to clothing, the Omanis stick to simplicity. The men are usually dressed in a dishdasha which is a white or coloured long tunic with long sleeves, slippers and a kumah which is a traditional cap. When it comes to women, they wear vibrant dresses with a matching scarf and the abaya on top. This dress code is in line with the Muslim religion which makes for a conservative culture here. Visitors are welcome to be dressed in traditional outfits as well. Just remember to make sure that your body is fully covered and no bikinis on this beach!


Do not speak or laugh loudly

The Omanis are friendly people, still, it is not in their culture to speak loudly in public as this is seen as a disturbance to neighbours and the elderly. The locals have a place called Majilis or Sabla where they gather to socialise and share their happy and sad news. Even in the instance of a wedding, the bride and groom are taken to their new home by car and no noise is made. Instead, the place is fully decorated with flashy lights. Everything about Omani culture is peaceful and so, the visitors too are expected to keep to this.


Do not drink or consume drugs

The Muslim culture does not approve of drinking and therefore, the Omanis themselves don't consume alcohol. However, this does not mean that there is no alcohol in Oman. If you are planning to stay at a hotel in Sur Oman, they would probably be serving alcohol to guests. But drinking is certainly not accepted in public. Although, if you do prefer some alcohol during your stay at hotels like Sur Plaza Hotel, it is always better too check if it's possible well in advance. The consumption of unprescribed drugs is also not socially accepted in Oman. This is seen as disrespectful behaviour.


Don't disrespect the mosque

Mosques are the places of worship in Oman where Muslim devotees go to pray, read the Quran and learn the religion. It is very sacred, thus, if you are visiting one, make sure to be dressed modestly and ladies must cover their heads. Children are not allowed to run around or make noise. Here too, one does not speak loudly or laugh loudly. The places of worship are kept spotlessly clean.


Do not reject Omani hospitality

What is Omani hospitality you ask? The locals are welcoming people and therefore love to invite visitors and friends for a meal to their houses. This is done with coffee and sweets. Whenever possible try to accept this kind of invitation as it makes the Omanis very happy. The Omanis also offer guests gifts of dates, frankincense and local food. Accept this as this makes the Omanis feel appreciated.