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Leadership, Resource Management & Social Issues

Envisioned to inculcate a sense of engagement by a community made of working professionals passionate to influence the world. It must be clear in the minds of writers that this platform is not a journalistic platform that is state-centric, nor is it a propaganda platform with the aim of propagating an ideology to capture power.

Exposant: Nepotism In India

Did you know there was no such thing as nepotism for the first few decades after Indian independence?

Exposant: How micro-management can destroy an entire team in an office

Learn how to identify when you see a micromanager and also how to get rid of a system running on micromanagement.

Exposant: 5 Indian laws you must know to fight cyber bully

Cyberbullying incites pessimism and distress in its victims. In several cases, it has furthermore resulted in victims developing suicidal tendencies.

Exposant: Tips for First Time Office Bearers

Here are some tips that can help new office bearers and highlight their positive traits.

Exposant: Want to become a successful Team Leader? Follow these 5-factor rule!

Develop your leadership skills with this five factor rule to gain the confidence you need to step up to a leadership role today.

Exposant: Key to happiness for Introverts

You're not the only one who engages themselves in a self-struggle for being introvert. Accept yourself the way you are. Celebrate life every day with some useful tips to be happy.

Exposant: Make Your Work Space Livelier with These Simple Decor Tips

The office arena consumes a big part of the week in any employee’s life. Such places affect the mental and physical health in a good or in a wrong way. By giving the office a lively look their mood can be lightened.

Exposant: Workplace Ambience Can Affect Employee Attitude And Productivity

Workplace ambiance plays a great role in motivating employees. For example, those who are claustrophobic cannot thrive well in a congested, stuffy environment with lots of noisy people around. To bring an attitudinal shift in the way people work an employer must pay heed to these aspects of office ambiance.

Exposant: Common mistakes we make before accepting a job offer

While going for a job hunt we often ignore a few basic things that we need to consider before saying "YES" to the job offer. And when these little things start creating the differences in the workplace we start complaining.