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Banks and account

Premium Accounts by DBS Treasures helps High Net worth Individuals(HNI) to securely save/withdraw their money with higher spending limits than other banks. Know more on premium accounts here!

Privilege Savings Account: Know About Premium Savings Account at DBS Treasures

Premium Savings Account by DBS Treasures offers amazing offers and benefits with higher spending limits exclusively for High Net worth Individuals(HNI). Know more on Saving Premium Accounts here!

Privilege Fixed Deposits: Learn Everything on Premium FD Online at DBS Treasures

Premium FD by DBS Treasures helps HNIs to start a FD at higher interest rates for higher deposits and several other features and benefits. Know more on Privilege Fixed Deposits now!

Flexi FD: Know About Flexi Fixed Deposit Account Online at DBS Treasures

Flexi Fixed Deposit Account by DBS Treasures is a combination of fixed deposit and demand deposit at higher interest rates that help maximise returns. Know more on Flexi Deposit Scheme here!

Know About Premium Banking Services in India at DBS Treasures

Signature Experiences by DBS Treasures offers several benefits that mirror your stylish lifestyle like travel and dining privileges, golf programmes and more. Know about Privilege Services offered here!

Premium Debit Card: Know About Infinite Debit Card Online at DBS Treasures

Premium Debit Card offers features like higher spending limits, low foreign exchange rate, lounge access an many more valuable offers. Know about Infinite Debit Card by DBS Treasures here!

Transfer Money: Know About Online Money Transfer Within India or Overseas at DBS Treasures

Online Money Transfer by DBS Treasures offers customers to experience a highly secure, quick and efficient fund transfer facility. Know all about Sending Money Online here!

Online banking provides an easy and convenient way to access your account on the move. Know about DBS Treasures robust, reliable and convenient Internet Banking facility here!

Mobile banking app, m-banking allows customers to experience the convenience of accessing banking services from their mobiles on the go. Know about Online Mobile Banking by DBS Treasures here.

Know Everything on Debt Funds Scheme Online at DBS Treasures

Debt Funds invests in fixed income instruments such as government bonds, corporate bonds, money market instruments, etc. and generates stable returns. Know all on Debt Mutual Fund Investment here!

Know All on Equity Mutual Funds For Long-Term Capital Appreciation at DBS Treasures

Equity Funds by DBS Treasures invests primarily in stocks and generate gains from capital appreciation and dividend income. Know all on Equity Mutual Fund Investment now!

Know About Alternative Investment Funds Online at DBS Treasures

AIF Funds comprises of pooled funds which invests primarily in hedge funds, venture capitals etc. with a choice of return level based on risk category. Know about Alternative Fund here!

Know About Money Market Funds Online at DBS Treasures

Money Market Mutual Fund invests in short term debt instruments and provide reasonable retunes suitable for investors with low risk appetite. Know more on Money Market Fund Investment here!

Know About Hybrid Mutual Funds Online at DBS Treasures

Hybrid Funds bridge the gap between equity and debt schemes to gain income with safety along with portfolio diversification. Know all about Hybrid Mutual Fund in-detail here!

Know All On Structured Finance Products Online at DBS Treasures

Structured Products are used to improve the return on a fixed income or an equity instrument while reducing the risk on the product. Know about Structured Investments here!