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Most helpful blog posts on QuiBids

Here's how to win an iPad on QuiBids

Follow these tips for better opportunities at success when bidding on an iPad on QuiBids.

The 7 things you need to win more auctions

Do you ever wonder how some people just seem to pull in all the big QuiBids auction wins? These tips will give you the knowledge you need to win more auctions.

6 things you can use My QuiBids for that you probably forgot about

Before we get started, reading this blog post about My QuiBids will go a lot smoother if you're signed in to QuiBids. So let's all take a second to go to the login page and do that. I'll wait. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. OK, let's proceed.

Buy Now vs. QuiBids Store

Did you know you can bid in auctions AND buy straight from the QuiBids Store? Read this post to learn more about both of the ways to get products on QuiBids.

Bidding tips from QuiBidders on Twitter

Do you follow QuiBids on Twitter? In addition to the free bids opportunities, site updates, and great deals, we also share helpful bidding tips and strategies to give you more success on our site. And since employees are not allowed to bid, of the best QuiBids Tips come from fellow bidders.

5 mistakes even the most experienced QuiBidders make

Losing auctions sucks. You know what sucks worse? Wasting money. Here's a post about how to avoid both when you're bidding on QuiBids. Even QuiBids experts make mistakes from time to time, so we tracked down a handful of them on our social media accounts to find out what they did wrong, what they learned, and how they're working to avoid them in the future.

What to do if your product arrives damaged

When it comes to shopping online, a product damaged in shipment is the last thing any customer wants to deal with. Whose fault is it that the plastic toy knob got knocked off when it was bouncing around inside the box and now the thing doesn't work?

How to save money on QuiBids!

How often do you come across high-end electronics or big home and garden products that are actually on sale? I don't mean We're Trying to Ditch that Big Pile of Last Year's Model Inventory Still Laying Around in the Back of the Store-sale, I mean brand-new, top-of-the-line products that everybody's physically aching for.

7 ways QuiBids is different from eBay

Though we both qualify as online auction sites, QuiBids and eBay differ in a lot of ways. I'm sure this distinction is small potatoes to eBay as it's a much larger, publicly traded, multi-national startup that reported over $14 billion -yep, that's billion, with a B- in 2012, but it's a bigger deal for us.

Using auction statistics in your QuiBids strategy

We talk a lot about QuiBids strategy around here, but there's really no substitute for thinking outside the box! Taking the information that's readily available is for newbies - you're experienced and smart enough to interpret and apply it!