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Search for Jobs in India at, grab the best opportunity and apply online.

Search for Jobs in India at, grab the best opportunity and apply online.

Everyone commits mistakes, but to learn from them and move on is something professionals should work towards.

In any organisation, it is essential to keep up the morale of the employees, and therefore address the elements that need to be in place, in order to become a great place to work. This is especially true for mid-sized companies.

Mergers and acquisitions are ways to combine the strengths of two corporations. It aims to chase the growth in scale, markets and profits and impacts employees too. The combining entities bring their different cultures, management style to the joint entity.

Recruiters have realised their folly. Soft skills cannot be ignored. Soft skills are truly going to be the power skills in 2020, and employers and employees

If you've graduated in 2020, you can make use of the tips to power through these uncertain times and emerge victorious.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything, even the job search pattern. If you want to get a job and thrive too, change your job search behavior."

Identify why you started a business. There could be many reasons. One of those reasons would be to build a successful empire. But what after that? It's time"

Good time managers actually have time to spare, time to relax, and time to live a little. Take time management seriously if you want to do well in your career.

The world economy is expected to start repairing in 2021, so it will definitely be the year for new jobs and career growth.

The workplace will be a new battleground against humanity's fight against COVID-19 and we should all do our part and adjust to the new reality of COVID-19.

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2020 was a tough year for everyone- including the economy. And while 2021 comes with a lot of promises, the recession is far from over.

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Good emotional skills can give you an upper hand at work and lead you to the road of success. Read our latest blog on

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From low attrition rates to good social standing and profits, being inclusive can benefit a company not just from a cultural but business point of view as" .

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2020 has had such a massive impact on almost everything- including job searching. The traditional ways of job searching are going to change, or at least going"

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Did you know that organisations that recognise employees' efforts have 31% lower attrition rates and perform better? Investing in employee recognition is thus