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Updated by April Rose Casiple Semogan on Feb 22, 2023
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eCommerce Site Guide: 10 Most Essential Factors To Consider For Your Online Store

eCommerce websites are in-demand these days since more and more people prefer to make a purchase or do transactions only. Businesses have come a long way, too. Imagine, from brick and mortar stores, now, they shifted to online stores which make it more convenient for customers to shop. Nowadays, online shopping is no longer considered a niche market aimed at a small audience.

In as much as businesses wish to make their online stores stand above the rest, or become popular, not every website is built equally. Truth be told, there are no universal features or design options that guarantee that your online shop will be elevated to the shining heights of success. On a positive note, there are essential factors that you should consider when creating an online store. Just remember, that the following features are desirable but not mandatory.

Clear Logo

One of the most important features that your online store should have is a clear logo. It represents your brand, so, you need to carefully design a logo that best delivers the message to your customers. Keep in mind that a recognizable logo is a reassuring symbol and an element of trust of any business or organisation. It’s crucial that you make it simple, yet, remarkable in order to leave a lasting impression.

Best Deals and Offers

Customers are always on the lookout for best deals and offers. It’s one of the factors that affect their decisions when making a purchase. It’s an effective way to get your audience’s attention in a matter of seconds upon their entry to the site. Otherwise, you’ll lose their interest and they leave after a few scrolls in your site.

In addition, free shipping must be considered, too. It’s a crowd favourite that shouldn’t be overlooked. Surely, customers don't want unwarranted shipping expenditures or additional shipping fees. If need be, you can adjust the minimum order price to include shipping costs.

Latest News and What’s On The Trend

Got any special day treats or holiday news for your customers? Then, better make sure that it is on your site’s homepage. Don’t make it challenging for your customers to find good deals on your site, instead, make it visible right there and then. Not all customers have time to navigate your website just to find what’s new and trendy in your inventory.

Product Catalogue

Sometimes, customers don’t know what they like or what they are looking for. So, you help make it easier for them to shop by brands through a wide range of product catalogue. If you have branded goods on sale, then display them upfront. Not only that it will catch your customers’ attention, but also help them find what they need through more targeted and effective channels.

Search Box, Shopping Cart and Login Box

Okay, this may sound like no-brainer but these elements are essential. These features are usually placed together at every eCommerce site. Every customer must be provided with accounts that would allow them to check all their previous and current order, in short, transaction or order history. Plus, the search box can help customers find what they need to locate from your online store to make their order.

Payment Method Options

Once your customer has decided what to purchase from your store, it’s imperative that they will be given multiple options for their payments. You must clarify what mode of payment is allowed to be used such as credit and debit cards, gift vouchers, cash on delivery, PayPal, etc. If you don’t accept an international credit card, then, you should state the technical limitations to a payment method or option.

Social Media Links

According to research, social media channels contribute at least 20% of online purchases. As such, be sure to integrate social media icons on your website. Channels such as Facebook and Twitter, are the best, if not fastest, source to get the info you need on just about everything. These sites are also great places to promote your shop and identify the most active and influential customers or find new ones.

Contact Information

Phone numbers, support email and chats are important. Customers need assurance that whenever they have queries about a certain product or service and whenever they need assistance with regards to an issue. Most customers prefer to have someone they can talk with. So, be sure that you provide the necessary contact information on your site.


Trustmarks are generally known as the electronic commerce badges, images or logos displayed on a website to indicate that the website business has been shown to be trustworthy by the issuing organization. It’s one of the indicators that your shop is trustworthy and it can help build your customers’ trust towards your business. With this, visitors would be more inclined to make a purchase.

Right eCommerce Web Hosting Solutions

Last, but definitely not the least, you should think about the hosting solution that would best suit your site’s needs. eCommerce web hosting is specifically designed for websites that sell products online. Finding the right web hosting provider is important in the process of creating an online shop or expanding your business site because not all web hosting plans are created equal.