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5 Best Security Plugins That Guarantees No-Data Leakage

When building a professional website for your company, you need to have some effective security strategies in a place other than just for design and promotion. You may employ a robust security tool to protect your data, but sometimes the hackers just won’t spare you.

5 Best Security Plugins That Guarantees No-Data Leakage | Posts by websitedesignlosangeles | Bloglovin’

5 Best Security Plugins That Guarantees No-Data Leakage, a post from the blog Posts by websitedesignlosangeles, written by websitedesignlosangeles on Bloglovin’

What Is Website Localization And Why Is It So Important? - Website Design Company Los Angeles

If you run a business website, it’s not a surprise that your audience hails from all parts of the world. So, catering to their needs and demands should be a must for you. However, you need to take note that the group you want to reach out to may or may not speak the same language your website is covered in.

Best Free Plugins

Website management isn’t easy itself and things get complicated even more when you have a cluttered admin dashboard. Sometimes you head to your WordPress admin section to make changes to your web content and once you get there you are lost managing plugins. There are too many notifications, widgets, and options that take your attention away from what you were supposed to do. This results in extra time consumption and reduced efficiency when working on the modifications.

Top E-commerce Website UX Design Trends You Must Adopt

Eons ago, when cell phones were launched little did anyone know that its advancement is going to revolutionize the online shopping experience.

5 Crucial Things An Ideal CMS Should Avoid — Steemit

CMS, short for Content Management System is the backbone of websites, and there are no two opinions about it. You can’t consider website management as a set-it-and-forget-it type of task unless you don’t care about your users and business. Having a CMS at your disposal allows you to carry out the desired changes within your site whenever you want.

5 Free WordPress Backup Plugins You Can Confidently Use | Posts by websitedesignlosangeles | Bloglovin’

A website can crash due to a number of reasons best known to experts. Most of the time they emerge as database failure, themes or plugins incompatibility, or hosting your site with incompetent companies. Once you are caught up in such a situation you realize the importance of having a website backup.

How To Optimize Cloudways For A Faster WordPress Website? 

On the web, where growing competition is the new talking point, no doubt why people are coming up with powerful strategies to attract visitors. You may be knowing one or two ways to draw in more eyes to your site, still there are many that people are unknown about. Out of all tactics you know to grab the attention of users, it’s the loading speed of your website that’s most impactful.

5 WordPress Theme Frameworks That Are Developer-Friendly - Website Design Los Angeles

The road to theme or website development is sometimes difficult, sometimes easy, depending on the choices you make. You can create a theme using a set of codes, modifying readymade themes, or utilizing already-made frameworks, that’s completely up to you. Though the first two options are widely used by various developers, it’s the last one about which people have varied opinions.

5 Tried And Tested Tips For Your Website Branding - Website Design Company Los Angeles

Having a website that stands out from the herd is what everyone wants, right? But unfortunately, only fewer people are informed about how to do it correctly. Even when the versed people implement the techniques to make their site look apart from the competition, sadly not all achieve the goal.

How To Make Your WordPress Website Static With Plugin – Telegraph

With the term static in the title, no wonder you would have clearly understood what I’ll be talking about in this content. However, for the unversed, I would like to outline that we’ll discuss the method to create a static WordPress website using the WP2Static plugin here. Now the first question that you might be seeking an answer to is what a static website is, right? And once you get familiar with the WordPress static website, the next moment you want to know what are the advantages of having a static site and should you consider having one.

Is Google Site Kit Really Useful For WordPress Site Management? — Steemit

If you are running a WordPress website, chances are good you would be using several tools to track its performance. Maybe you wanted to check on how much traffic your website is getting or whether your SEO efforts are elevating your rankings. There are numerous tools available to serve your purpose, whether it is Google Search Console, Google Analytics, or some other.

Top 4 Features To Look For In A WordPress Starter Theme | Posts by websitedesignlosangeles | Bloglovin’

Always living up to clients’ expectations being a developer, I think that’s not a job everyone can do. Fortunately, there are certain tools available to lessen your burden significantly, and more importantly, they are absolutely free. One such resource is the “WordPress starter theme” that you can use to create user-centric and search-engine-optimized themes. Now tell me one thing: have you heard of a “starter theme” before this mention?