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CBD Dosage: How to Find the Perfect Dosage

One of the many reasons why CBD is becoming more popular is that it can potentially treat many health conditions that the standard medications can not do.




CBD also known as cannabidiol is one of the 100 cannabinoids found in Cannabis Sativa plant. CBD is found to help with many health conditions. People are taking CBD to treat a multitude of health conditions including chronic pain, anxiety and stress, inflammation, heart ailments, and many more. CBD oil is made with a combination of carrier oil. Carrier oils like coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil make it appealing to the users. The most popular way of taking CBD is in the form of oil.

One of the many reasons why CBD is becoming more popular is that it can potentially treat many health conditions that the standard medications can not do. People use CBD to help treat chronic pain as they have not seen any improvements using the prescribed medications. It is also known to be effective in treating different mental conditions like anxiety and depression. CBD also has been found to help with cancer related pain.

According to the findings from several studies and anecdotal evidence, CBD shows its promise to help with treating neurological disorders like sleep disorder, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease and many more. CBD can also help with treating skin diseases. The anti inflammatory properties of CBD makes it an ideal alternative to help treat eczema, acne and many other skin conditions.


How To Take CBD Properly

Amongst all other organic ingredients, the popularity of CBD oil has been rocketing. It’s ability to help with several health conditions makes it appealing to the consumers. Finding the appropriate dosage may seem difficult at first. But when you find out the right dosage, the experience with CBD oil can be exquisite. We will discuss different usage of CBD to help you avoid potential side effects.

The anti inflammatory properties of CBD do not only provide health benefits while taken orally, but it also provides benefits while used topically. You can blend your CBD oil with topical cream and experience the effects at the cellular level. Adding CBD oil in your cosmetics takes them to a whole new level. For people suffering from varieties of skin conditions, topical CBD oil can be a great natural cure. How you will take CBD depends on your convenience since CBD oil is available in a wide range of forms.

On the other hand, CBD is well-known for its neuroprotective and antioxidant properties. According to experts, the antioxidant properties can be more effective than other supplements like vitamin E and C. Cell damage is responsible for ageing. CBD may have the potential for alleviating cell damage by stabilising harmful free radicals in the body.

The anxiolytic effect of CBD makes it an efficacious supplement for mental wellness. According to studies and anecdotal evidence, CBD can be a helpful alternative for those who are suffering from mental health conditions like anxiety disorder and excessive stress. Antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications come with many side effects including: weight gain, insomnia, sexual dysfunctions and so on. CBD can help treat those conditions without such side effects. This is why CBD is gaining popularity among the mental wellness community as a natural approach to cure anxiety, and stress disorders.

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Above are some of the examples how CBD oil can be used as a supplement. The antispasmodic, analgesic, and antiproliferative effect of CBD makes it more beneficial among other natural cures. However, we can say that CBD works well with the body. According to studies, CBD is considered as a safe drug and it is a well tolerated substance among most of its users. Since CBD is non psychoactive, people from all ages can use it and get benefits from it.


The Use of CBD Oil for Several Health Conditions

Cardiovascular System: CBD can be a help in the treatment of several cardiovascular diseases. CBD showed its promise to help with atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, ischemia, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins. It can also be used as an effective option in preventing heart attack and brain stroke.

Cancer: CBD shows its promise to help in the treatment of cancer related pain. It is also found to alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy. The antitumor property of CBD oil can help control cell proliferation.

Circulatory System:

Certain properties of CBD makes it useful in the synthesis of blood cells. CBD products can be used by people who are suffering from anaemia. After all, CBD can be a help in treating a multitude of blood related diseases.

Digestive System: CBD can be a help in treating conditions related to the digestive system. Its anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties makes it a potential tool in the treatment of stomach ulcers, gastritis, haemorrhoids. The laxative effect of CBD is helpful in treating constipation.

Respiratory System: CBD can be helpful in the treatment of a wide range of respiratory diseases. In case of diseases like pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma, tuberculosis, CBD shows its promise to help in the process of treatment.

Dermatology: CBD shows its promise to be helpful in the treatment of multiple skin conditions. According to scientific studies and anecdotal evidence, Topical CBD can help in the treatment of psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, eczema, and many more skin conditions.

Nervous System: CBD has gained massive popularity among the mental wellness communities. People are using CBD products to treat a wide range of mental illness including anxiety, depression, stress disorder, etc. CBD is found to help treat neurosis.

Taking a preventative dose regularly can help combat impotence in men. Regular use of CBD can also help treat diseases of the prostate gland.

CBD takes some time to show improvements. A tablespoon of CBD oil taken regularly for a couple of weeks may help experience improvement in overall health.


How Much CBD is Too Much?

This is a common question among the consumers, which has no straightforward answer. CBD works differently in each individual. As a result, there is no universal dosage of cannabidiol. Dosage depends on many factors including weight, age, biochemistry, metabolism, gender, and so on.

Finding the right dosage may seem challenging at first. Patience and consistent use of CBD can help you find the right dosage. The bright side of this is that cannabidiol is considered a safe drug. We recommend you consult with a doctor before trying it. They can help you find a dosage that may work for you. However, if you are using CBD as an over-the-counter drug, start with a low dose. Then monitor how CBD affects you and according to the results you can increase the dosage gradually. This will help you avoid the potential adverse reactions CBD may cause.
Remember, weight is an essential factor while finding the right dosage. People who weigh more may need a higher dosage than those who weigh less.


3 Steps to Find the Right Dosage

3 Steps to Find the Right Dosage

The table above can help you find the dosage that may suit you. If you are a CBD rookie, it’s better to start with a low dosage.

On the label, the amount or concentration of cannabidiol is indicated in milligrams. So far, this amount does not refer to milligrams per drop. Figuring out how much CBD in a single drop is a complicated process. However, in this part of the article we will try to make it easier for you.
As per the table above:
1% oil = 0.4mg
5% oil = 2.1mg
15% oil = 6.5mg
30% oil = 13mg

For instance, for a 9mg dose, you will need 22 drops of 1% or 4 drops of 5%, or 1 drop of 15% CBD oil. If you want a more precise dosage follow the three steps below:
First Step: Select an inceptive dose
The step 1 is to determine how much CBD you should take. It is important to remember that we are referring to the dosage of pure CBD. There are many ways you can follow to find out the initial dose that you can start with. You can calculate it by using parameters like your age, gender, and weight. Since CBD works differently in each of its users, there is no one best dosage for every individual. You have to figure out the best dosage for you.
Second Step: Determination of Effectiveness
You may find some products containing the concentration of CBD per milliliter on the label. However, in some cases you have to calculate and find it by yourself. This may seem overwhelming at first. But the calculation is simple. In this part of the article, we are going to show you how to calculate the dosage of CBD per milliliter. For the purpose of calculation you have to consider two things including: the size of the bottle and the amount of CBD in the bottle.

The formula: [CBD in mg] ÷ [size of the bottle in ml] = [CBD in mg/ml]

For instance, if we consider a 50ml bottle containing 800mg CBD, the amount of CBD per milliliter is:

800mg ÷ 50ml = 16mg/ml

What does it mean? It means, for a 50ml bottle we get 16mg of pure CBD per milliliter.
Step 3: Dosage Calculation

Now it comes to calculating the dosage. You decide how much you will take. Here’s a general rule for calculating dosage using body mass index or BMI.


In Pounds:
1 mg each 10 lb
3 mg each 10 lb
6 mg each 10 lb
In kilograms:
1 mg each 4.5 kg
3 mg each 4.5 kg
6 mg each 4.5 kg
Here we will calculate the optimal dosage using the metric system.

Formula: [Your weight in kilograms] ÷ [4.5] x [desired strength in mg] = [your dose]
Suppose your weight in kilograms is 70, and you are calculating to find out a medium strength dosage. First let’s take a look how many sets of 4.5 fit in your weight.
70 ÷ 4.5 = 15.55
Now we multiply 15.55 by the number of mg. For this calculation it is 3.
15.55 x 3 = 47mg CBD
Thus for a person weighing 70 kg, about 47mg of CBD per day is the optimal starting dose.


General Characteristic

As we have already mentioned that there is no one certain dosage of CBD for everyone. It is completely a personalized experience. Thus cannabis can be taken in a wide range of doses. Here in this part of the article we will discuss the pros and cons of cannabis dosing.

Tolerance of the psychoactive properties determines how your body will react to cannabis. Although some people like to use cannabis, others who are sensitive to some of the cannabinoids do not. Your sensitivity to tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the key to introducing an effective treatment regimen.

For the purpose of getting benefits you do not need to smoke weed.

Unlike THC, CBD is non psychoactive which does not induce the euphoric effect. High dosage of CBD products is considered safe. However, you can still get benefits from using a low dose of CBD along with a little amount of THC.

According to studies, the combination of CBD and THC offers a wide range of therapeutic benefits, especially when taken at a low dose.

According to a study, Taking 21mg of Sativex everyday alleviated cancer related pain. Patients who received 52mg of Sativex experience great improvements in pain relief. However, taking 83mg daily reduced pain no better than a placebo.

Nowadays it is relatively easy to get the benefits of cannabis. You don't have to smoke cannabis to get benefits from it since the CBD industry continues to boom in the 21st century. You have a wide range of options to take CBD.