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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 02, 2020
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5 Best Dishes to Try in Sydney – Seafood and More!

Since the food in Australia is a development of the country's rich diversity, coupled with the attention to detail that Sydney is famous for, you can be guaranteed that you are in for a delicious treat if you are a foodie who is planning to head down to Sydney for your next vacation.



The Barramundi doesn't get any better than this anywhere else in the world. It is a famous Australian fish that can be found all over in a Sydney Darling Harbour hotel. The fish is native to Australian and Indo-Pacific waters. They are high in Omega-3 fatty acids and have a mild and gentle flavour and toothy texture when cooked. They're very easy to prepare, but you haven't had proper barramundi until you have had it in Sydney.


Sydney Rock Oyster

The Sydney rock oyster is another local delicacy that you can find at authentic restaurants like the one at Oaks Sydney Goldsbrough Suites. You will find that the flavour is quite distinct and that is due to its habitat. It is a rich and deep sweetness with quite the mineral intensity and a hint of a copper-like finish. It can be eaten raw or fried in a light batter. It is well paired with Worcestershire sauce and some wine and bacon.


Australian Prawn

Thanks to the balmy climate and lush waters, there are many great varieties of delicious seafood. The Aussie King prawn is rich and sweet and very bright colour when boiled. They are great and can be eaten in a variety of ways including in cocktails with a light vinaigrette. Tiger prawns are less sweet and are great in soups and pasta dishes. The versatility of Sydney's prawns makes it so you can try them in various dishes.


Avocado on Toast

If you are looking for a nutritious breakfast staple that is healthy, vegan and delicious get some avocado on toast at any of the harbourfront cafés. If you'd like you can have your toast sprinkled with feta cheese, olive oil, sesame seeds, or even poached eggs. There are also special flavours like beetroot hummus that you wouldn't find anywhere else. Regardless, it won't be boring, and you can ask for your own variations. It is a simple dish that is loved all over the world by vegans and health food connoisseurs. So, make sure you try a piece of toast at least once when you are in Sydney.


Bacon and Egg Roll

A good old bacon and egg roll comes a long way from the original British influence in Australia. Many of the restaurants in Sydney serve a very delicious combination that is distinctive to the city. The bread rolls are artisanal and carefully prepared. Caramelised onions and tomato relish are combined in the sandwich together with the bacon and eggs to make an absolutely delicious combination of earthy flavours that makes for a satisfying meal and the good news is that it's not even that expensive.