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Best Clear Aligner Brands in India

Clear aligners are the modern alternative to brace. These are transparent, wire-free and do not restrict eating habits. Aligners have been scientifically proven to straighten teeth and are generally pain-free compared to your metal or ceramic braces and the initial process is much simpler! So here are some of the best clear aligners in India. And always consult an orthodontist before deciding your teeth strengthening plan!

toothsi clear aligner - Best clear aligners in India

clear aligner business has a lot of mark-ups since there are a lot of middlemen, toothsi is a direct to consumer brand hence 70% cheaper than brands such as Invisalign while offering FDA approved, BFA free aligners made using german machines. You don't have to visit the dental clinic, experts will come at your home and perform a 3D scan and create a customized teeth alignment plan for you. They also offer 0% EMI on select cards and their smile makeover plans start at just 50K INR compared to lakhs charged by other brands in the market. You also get constant support from expert orthodontists. To book toothsi clear aligners click here

TeethLogic – Invisible Braces at a price you will love

Teethlogic is another clear aligner start-up in India that caters to Hyderabad region. So if you are in Hyderabad you might want to visit their website to book an appointment.

invisalign treatment | invisalign clear aligners

Invisalign treatment is the clear alternative to metal braces for kids, teens, and adults. Invisalign is the most recognised brand in terms of clear aligners worldwide and has been involved in aggressive marketing spends, hence these do not come cheap! If you don't mind spending 1.5 to 4 lakh for teeth alignment you can go ahead and find an Invisalign approved dentist and visit them!

3M clear aligners

Similar to Invisalign, 3M uses its global presence in the aligner business. You can get a 3M clear aligners only through a 3M certified orthodontist and this spikes up the treatment cost. They also have a nifty tracking app to record your progress which can be downloaded via google play store or Apple app store. The prices have not been mentioned on the website but you can expect them to be upwards of 1 lakh.

Smile Direct Club

Another internationally acclaimed brand for clear aligners. They offer aligner cleaning kits as well. Smile direct club's aligners come in at 1895$ that is around 1.3 lakh INR in India and you can avail this treatment only from SDC's list of orthodontists.

Clear Aligners, Invisible Braces |Invisible Aligners Treatment Cost

Clove dental has a chain of 300 orthodontists in India and you can buy their club memberships as well if you have recurring oral problems. The cost of clove dental clear aligners has not been declared on their website and you can enquire about it by calling their central helpline!


How to select a clear aligner brand?

How to select a clear aligner brand?

In general, the aligner industry has a lot of mark-ups and commissions paid to salespersons and dentists which jacks up the treatment cost. Brands such as toothsi and teethologic provide a direct to consumer solution along with expert orthodontists a single call away! These have become game changers as they offer aligners at prices cheaper than ceramic braces! But if you prefer visiting an orthodontist you can consider other brands. I guess these new-age startups also offers orthodontist visits but you'll have to check with them individually.