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Kitchen Appliances

Here you will find the best affordable kitchen appliances with reviews and buyer's guide to help you find the best ones for your kitchen.

10 Best Japanese Chef Knife Under 100 - 111Reviews

Our recently updated list of Japanese chef knives will help you find the best Japanese chef knife under $100 so that you can take your kitchen expertise to the next level.

The Best Food Processors To Have In Our Kitchen - 111Reviews

We Have Carefully Selected The Best Food Processor For You So That You Can Do Blending & Chopping Easily Without Any Mess or Complications.

The Best Toaster Ovens For Frozen Pizza - 111Reviews

A toaster oven is one of the most important appliances you should have in your kitchen. A good toaster oven will help you do a lot of different cooking & baking tasks instead of having separate appliances and gadgets, like air fryer or pizza maker, for them. Hence it saves you a lot of counter space too.

Top 14 Best Pizza Makers You Don't Want To Miss - 111Reviews

When it comes to having a Pizza Maker for our home use, we need to make sure we make the right decision because we don't want to ruin our delicious pizza recipe.
We have carefully selected the best pizza makers that will enable you to make the best of pizzas at home and these are very easy to operate and clean.

The Best Bakeware Sets To Level Up Your Baking Experience - 111Reviews

A good quality bakeware can really turn your baking recipes in wow food. For even heat distribution to have perfectly baked food, you need good quality bakeware. We have carefully selected bakeware sets for you that you can use in your home for perfect baking experience.

Top 10 Best Pans For Glass Cooktop Reviews & Buyer's Guide - 111Reviews

Just purchased your new home? Or have you done your kitchen remodel? Whatever the case may be, you have found yourself in the possession of a brand new glass cooktop and now you can’t wait to use it for the very first time. To be able to do this, you’re going to need the best pans for glass cooktop that are made to be used on these technologically advanced cooking surfaces.

Top 7 Best Chef Knives Under $200 Reviews & Guide - 111Reviews

As someone once said, “A Well Trained Chef Only Needs a Knife To Survive”. This is quite true because without a knife you just cannot survive in the kitchen and to reach your level best, you need the best. Here are the best chef knife under $200 that you need to handle all of your kitchen tasks.

Our top of the list Wusthof Classic chef knife, from their Wusthof Classic series, is certainly the best in the business.

Best German Kitchen Knife - Wusthof Knives Reviews

Whether you are a professional cook or a household who loves to be in the kitchen, one thing you cannot live without is a knife. While doing the Wusthof Knives Review, we came across some fascinating facts about Wusthof knives; we will be discussing that below, and we will give you 12 Best Wusthof knives review as well, so stay with us.

Top 12 Best Cordless Immersion Blender Reviews - 111Reviews

The addition of Best Cordless Immersion Blender in your kitchen is going to be extremely beneficial for you to do your pureeing soups or whipping cream etc. The best cordless immersion blender is meant to make your life easier.

If you are searching for a smart, compact, and easy to clean blender that need not much of countertop space, then your search should end at having an immersion blender.

Top 12 Best Meat Slicer For Home & Pro Use - 111Reviews

If you want to have deli style sandwiches stacked high with almost transparent slices of salami, ham, turkey, tomatoes, etc. in the comfort of you home, then you need the Best Meat Slicer for home use to satisfy your craving.

Below we have carefully selected the best meat slicer for the money that are for both personal and professional users.

Top 10 Best Butcher Knives - Affordable & Durable - 111Reviews

Butcher knife is the most ancient tool used by man for hunting and cutting and still is the most important tool in our kitchen items, specially if we deal with meat and bone often. For this purpose, we have reviewed almost one hundred cleaver knives and shortlisted 10 Best Butcher Knives for you so you don’t have to do the hard work.

Top 11 Best Meat Thermometer For Smoking - Enjoy Your Parties & Gatherings

The best meat thermometer for smoking enables you to cook your meat perfectly by getting accurate meat temperature and avoid the meat being under or over cooked.

To use the meat thermometer, you don’t need to be an experienced cook. It actually improve the quality of your cooking & baking.

Top 12 Best Shaved Ice Machines For Freezing Experience This Summer!

With the market Best Shaved Ice Machine in your kitchen you can enjoy the refreshing slushies, or smoothies not just in summer but all year around.

With the introduction of best shaved ice machine for home use, now you don’t need to do the manual work of crushing the ice with the knife or any sort of scrapper, which is hectic, time consuming and the process often hurts too.

10 Best Blender For Frozen Fruit Reviews - 111Reviews

Are you looking for the Best Blender For Frozen Fruit? No worries at all, we got your covered. Below we have consolidated 10 of the best blenders for frozen fruits and ice that you must have in you kitchen.

Best Carbon Steel Wok For Home Use Reviews - 111Reviews

Why would you want to have the best carbon steel wok in your kitchen? Because a carbon steel wok or a deep pan is the most popular cooking item in a Chinese kitchen, but the use of a wok is not limited to Chinese cuisine. You can do stir-frying, steaming, smoking, deep-frying, etc.