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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 28, 2020
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Five of the Must-try Dishes in Vietnam – Tastes Aplenty!

The dishes you'd find in Vietnam have that magical quality of transporting you into a different world. That's how much they cater to the needs of your sense of taste, with at least one or more of the fundamental tastes incorporated in each meal!


Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Known as Goi Cuon in the native Language, the Vietnamese Spring Rolls are some of the freshest food you'll ever come across! These are heavenly bundles of taste that are bursting with flavour at their seams. A mélange of meat, shrimps, leafy greens, and maybe a stalk or two of garlic chives are the ingredients behind this tasteful galore. The ingredients are rolled into one bundle by the use of edible rice paper which adds to the deliciousness. These translucent bundles of taste are dipped in peanut dipping sauce before taking a bite.



Famous throughout Vietnam, you've likely heard about Pho, a flavoursome dish, whether you've been to the country or not! It's one of the most common dishes that adorn almost every dining table in the ordinary households and possibly the food menus of many a frequently-visited Hanoi serviced apartment. Pho is a blend of soft, flat rice noodles and thinly-strewn medium-rare beef that swirl in a flavoursome broth. This tasty dish has two varieties that originate from two ends of Vietnam; the North and the South called Pho Hanoi and Pho Nam respectively. Out of them, Pho Hanoi is the most famous, probably for its pretty-looking opaque broth that is garnished only using some sprinkling of bird's eye chilli and a bit of lemon juice.


Bun Bo Hue

This classic dish of Vietnam has its origins lying in Hue, Central Vietnam, where it is identified that the traditional cooking styles and customs of the former royal court are still prevalent. The sultry strands of rice vermicelli swaying in the delectable red broth are highly revealing of its palatable flavour. This dish is served often with slices of beef, Vietnamese sausage and ham, and a pinch of green onions. Bun Bo Hue is much-appreciated for its contrasting blend of salty, spicy and umami flavours. Open yourself to the sparkling flavours of Bun Bo Hue during breakfasts indulged at properties such as Somerset West Lake Hanoi.


Banh Mi

Those who love Vietnamese food must have definitely tried-out Banh Mi! It's only second to Pho in terms of popularity. Banh Mi literally means "bread" in English. But it can also refer to a Vietnamese Baguette Sandwich, as in the case of this article. The Vietnamese were introduced to baguettes when it was a part of the French Indochina. Since then, they have converted that as a part of their cuisine by filling the crispy buns with the Vietnamese choice of ingredients such as pickled daikon, coriander leaves, pork sausages and a variety of other tasteful things.


Banh Tam Bi

If you love that tropical flavour of fresh coconut milk, then Banh Tam Bi is what you must order, the next time you're in Vietnam! This delicious dish consists of thick, sticky noodles that are infused with a tasteful galore of shredded pork, pickled carrots and daikon, green onion chives, slices of cucumber and other herbs. This galaxy of flavours is bathed in creamy coconut milk that keeps this dish apart from the other ones of this cuisine.

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