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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 28, 2020
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Best Street Food in Hong Kong – Cheap but, mind-blowing!

Hong Kong always offers you more. While offering some amazing attractions, it also provides you with the best holiday experiences for you with its hotels, restaurants and of course, with its amazing cuisine. The street food especially is cheap but great in taste.


Curry fish balls

When it comes to Hong Kong street food, how can one forget about the curry fish balls? This is one of the most iconic street snacks that almost every street vendor sells in their stalls. People spending their vacations at any Causeway Bay serviced apartment generally spend their evenings enjoying this street food and while they do that, they especially love these bite-sized balls that are springy in texture.


Stinky tofu

No one can miss this snack with a pungent smell when they explore the street food culture in Hong Kong. But, you will surely disregard its odour once you taste this extremely delicious type of food. It's normally served with chilli sauce. The crispy, golden outer layer then takes you to a creamy centre and it is sure to please you during your days spent at hotels the likes of Hotel Purple Hong Kong.



What you'll love the most about eggettes is their sweet, heavenly smell. You simply can't resist it in Hong Kong. In Cantonese, eggettes are known as 'gai daan zai' and whatever the name you give it, it's crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. In Hong Kong, there are also some shops reserved for this amusing food that provide you eggettes of different tastes and styles.


Deep-fried pig intestine

Well, the name says everything you need to know about this food. It's a sausage-like bundle that has several bright orange rounds, and yes, these are various layers of pig intestines wrapped up to give a very pleasant crispy look. Although the outer casing becomes so crispy (as it gets deep-fried), the centres remain moist, which is the most appealing part of this snack. Do not forget to taste it with a squeeze of sweet sauce, and you will want one more for sure!


Imitation shark's fin

This is a very popular street snack in Hong Kong, mainly because of its name, and of course, the taste. No- you are not trying out the shark's fin, but just as the name suggests, it's the imitation! So, it's ethical (without any doubt) and cheap and most importantly, so delicious. The broth generally has glass noodles, shredded chicken (sometimes even fish or duck), and vinegar is also added for an extra punch.


Bowl pudding

The normal bowl pudding can either be white or brown in colour. The colour depends on the sugar it's made from and whatever the colour it is, it's often stunned with red beans here and there. Bowl pudding is really a simple dessert-like snack that's often sticky in nature containing a sugary sweetness. With the savoury and spicy street food out there, there's nothing wrong in trying out this sweet snack after all.

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