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Updated by Box Nutrition on Aug 31, 2020
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How Much Protein?

*As part of the Box Framework, *protein is vital for repair and growth and literally being the building block of muscle. High (relative to the average population) protein diets also consistently show improvements in body composition (looking good!) and strength (1, 2, 3).

The Five Fundamentals Of Endurance Performance - And what can you do about them.

Understand the 5 fundamentals of endurance performance

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If you are running for over an hour, refueling during your event is a necessity. You will need to provide this fuel in order to improve your diet, health and maximize your performance. Enter the world of exercises, energy drinks, bars, and snacks, and all sources of protein and carbohydrate. Used in the right way, these will replenish your body and power you to the finish line.

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7 Strategies to Ensure Boozing Doesn't Affect Your Progress

A couple of things to think about if you are drinking more at the weekend (or during the week!).

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Try Metabolic Testing in the UK to boost your health and wellbeing, maximize your energy, restore your metabolism, refuel your running performance, and help you lose weight naturally.
At Box Nutrition, We help active individuals who struggle to get results, know exactly what and how to eat to perform, look, and feel their best.

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What is your VO2max and how can you improve it?

This is why metabolic testing is such a useful tool to help with your running performance.

As well as measuring your VO2max, we also measure your anaerobic threshold (ventilatory threshold 2/lactate threshold), aerobic threshold (top of zone 2) and carbohydrate/fat usage at different intensities.

Having a better understanding of your body during exercise helps you identify weaknesses, pinpoint training zones as well as guide your training and
fuelling strategies.

How To Balance Your Meals for Long Lasting Results - Diet for Runners Birmingham - Box Nutrition

If your goal is more body composition (the way you look), you also need to check your weight, take some progress photos and see how your clothes fit. Based off any changes, all that you need to do is look back at your meal schedule and see if you need to reduce or add a portion.

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VO2 max testing near me - Running Nutritionist Birmingham - Box Nutrition

If you are exhausted from engaging in pointless activities, diet for runners nutritive plans that don’t seem to yield any noticeable results, you should consider scheduling metabolic testing near me.

Additionally, you can gain knowledge and a deeper understanding of your own body. This metabolic testing can also ensure you receive the maximum benefits from your workout routine and diet plan.

Taking a metabolic test or RMR testing near me for weight loss, sports or running is an effective way to achieve your desired fitness level as it can show you what to focus on.

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8 Tips To Help Control Your Snacking - Running Nutritionist Birmingham

Need more help with your nutrition and exercise? Contact Diet for Runners.

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Want to lose weight? Gain weight? Run faster? Perform Better? Resting metabolic rate (RMR) is the measurement of how much energy is needed to maintain your body functions while you are in a state of rest. That energy is expressed in calories per day, and this gives us insight into what your nutritional intake should look like.
Discover your right intensity with Box Nutrition. You can contact us through phone call on +44 121 389 8923.

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Metabolic Testing UK – Nutritionist near me - Box Nutrition

Whether you are new to working out or training for your next marathon. You can get an advantage of metabolic testing in the UK. The Metabolic Testing Assessment measures how efficiently your body burns calories both at rest and while exercising. When you know your personal metabolic profile, our sports nutritionist in Birmingham can create…

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Box Nutrition offers affordable metabolic testing and nutrition coaching for sports men and women of all abilities in Birmingham, UK.

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Looking for Sports Nutritionist near me? Nutritionist in Birmingham? Diet for Runners? Look no further. At Box Nutrition, our sports nutritionist in Birmingham give you the most comprehensive and insightful health assessment allowing us to develop an accurate nutrition and workout plan to help reach your goals.

To find out more about how Box Nutrition can help you, please send us your questions to or call us on 0121 389 8923 or visit our website at