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Top Halong Bay Attractions you should not miss – An Other-Worldly Experience!

Halong Bay is a highly sought destination of Vietnam. The bay, with its limestone karsts and unscathed beaches, offers the perfect exploration opportunities for its visitors. The scenic location is made all the more alluring by the legend, which revolves around a dragon.


The Floating Villages

The waters of the Halong Bay have been inhabited by small communities living in floating villages since the olden days. They were initially built as places to which fishermen could return at night with their day's catch. But they were developed to self-sustaining communities with time. However, a government initiative forced the inhabitants of these closely-knit societies to move inland. The floating villages are preserved in their original state, and the locals use them for activities such as fishing, weaving nets, and pearl processing.


Bai Tu Long Bay

The Halong Bay is so famous that its scenic surroundings are sometimes drowned in a constant bustle of activity and excitement. For someone who prefers the serenity associated with nature, the Bai Tu Long bay offers the perfect ambience to connect with nature. The jade-green waters of this bay are ideal for a cooling dip or snorkelling to experience the world that lies beyond the water surface. Kayaking in the lagoons will offer you breathtaking views of the vast limestone karsts scattered throughout the bay. From a low standpoint, you will indeed come to appreciate the power of nature.


Cat Ba National Park

Lying on the immediate west of the Halong Bay is the Cat Ba Island. Nestled amid the spellbinding island is the Cat Ba National Park, which includes some islets and the marine waters to the east of its boundaries as well. Although dominated by towering karsts, this national park is the home for a myriad of wildlife. With its diverse ecosystems from freshwater lakes to forested hills and mangroves to sandy beaches and coral leaves, it isn't surprising that this place has been made into a particular focus by naming it as a World Biosphere Reserved in 2014.


Cave Expeditions

The scenic beauty of the Halong Bay is increased by some 1600 islands and islets which contributes to its spectacular seascape. Due to the steep and precipitous nature of their landscapes, these islands are inhabited. But they do provide marvellous opportunities for enthusiastic explorers to go on expeditions starting from the many cavernous openings dotted in the islands. To date, around 59 caves have been identified in the Halong Bay area. Incredible locations such as Luon Cave and the Sung Sot Cave can be accessed when you embark on a cruise offered by cruise companies such as Bhaya Cruises.


Water Activities

The crystalline waters and the serene tides, Halong Bay, offers the ideal surroundings for stand up paddleboarding. Think paddling from one limestone karst to the other while listening to the mesmerising calls of nature. You will be engulfed in a meditative trance throughout paddling. What you find below the water surface is as breathtaking as the view above it. Snorkelling and diving have been recently added as a part of Halong Cruise packages.