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Headline for How Would You Spend Your Holiday in Negombo? – Top 5 Ways to Make the Best of Your Time
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How Would You Spend Your Holiday in Negombo? – Top 5 Ways to Make the Best of Your Time

The west shoreline of Sri Lanka is popularly known for the quaint town of Negombo that seems to emanate an air somewhat reminiscent of a past that was under the Dutch governance. It is truly an ideal destination where you can spend the summer holidays to your heart's content.


Relax at the Beach

Spending your holidays in Negombo will definitely include a visit to the beach. The bustling beachscapes are indeed a haven for many tourists from near and far. Visiting the beach during the early hours before the first few sun rays hit the earth would let you catch some uninterrupted hours for yourself. You will also have some unobstructed views to capture some killer photographs of the sunrise as there won't be a soul in the vicinity at this hour apart from the lonely fishing boat that is making its way towards the shore. You would probably be able to purchase some fresh catch as well including lobsters, crabs, and a whole array of fish that are incredibly fresh and would result in a freshly stewed Sri Lankan curry of fish.


Visit a magnificent cathedral.

Located in the Main Street of Negombo, St. Mary's Church is hailed as an important and sacred landmark of this scenic city. The mindblowing architecture of this iconic construction is highly redolent of a past that was ruled by the Dutch. It is one of the few cathedrals of Sri Lanka. The lives of the many Catholics seem to have a strong connection to this sacred church. From the small days, children are encouraged to participate in activities conducted by the church. The Main Street Church or rather, Mahaweediya Palliya in the local language are some other names that identify with this magnificent cathedral.


Tour a Fishing Village

For decades, the fishing industry has ensured that many dining tables of the locality were complete with two or three side dishes. Therefore, it is no wonder that the Negombians seem to consider this industry with the utmost respect. The present times will also bring you many examples of families who earn their livelihood from this, particularly unstable industry. During your vacation, why not take a cycling tour in the outskirts of Negombo, where you can get a peek into the fascinating lives of these warm people. Surely, you would get invited to an exciting boat tour at one of the calm lagoons by the village accompanied by some wise fishermen.


Explore the Streets

The streets of Negombo brings you an array of shopping opportunities where you can shop to your heart's desires while on a budget. For a couple of dollars, you can buy several pairs of clothing with prints that reflect the true island spirit. Handmade jewellery and other handicrafts made out of naturally available resources would provide you with a wider-selection to pick the perfect gift to your loved ones back home.


Indulge in the Flavours of the Sea

Negombo is not just about mesmerising views and its remnants of the past. It also offers some of the finest culinary delights of the country. An all-time favourite of the islanders is the seafood cuisine of this part of Sri Lanka. While staying at one of the Negombo hotels the likes of Amagi Aria, make sure to try out some of these delicious dishes from their in-house restaurants, as it would leave you craving for more.

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