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The Madhouse Projects - Rick Badman | Home

The Madhouse Projcets. It is about Dick Thurman and the people who work at an underground research and development installation named the Madhouse in...

Come Climb Toward God - Marianna Albritton | Home

This book was written to help believers understand the steps of growth as a Christian. Many times when a believer feels a need to be closer to God, the person has no idea how to proceed or how to interpret what one feels.

Sammie the Shark and the Return... - Janet Councilman | Home

Sammie the Shark and the Return of the Lost Gift' from Covenant Books author Janet H. Councilman is a heartwarming story about a shark who discovers...

The VIP Christian - Abraham Joseph Ajenifuja | Home

The VIP Christian. The cross section of humanity in all social structures of women, children, and men from all cultures, languages, and color cry for this...

One Caregiver's Journey - Eleanor Gaccetta | Home

One Caregiver's Journey by Eleanor Gaccetta. This book details how one person navigated the pleasant and unpleasant attributes of caregiving for 9...

Ralphie the Roach - Ray Sobrino Jr. | Home

Ralphie the Roach book by Ray Sobrino Jr. and other authored books: Charlie the Click Bug and Esther and the Revolution. A story of a more

The Utgarda Trilogy and The Thule Trilogy - Joab Stieglitz | Home

The Utgarda Trilogy: The Old Man's Request, The Missing Medium, The Other Realm. The Thule Trilogy: The Hunter in the Shadows, The Worlds I Know by Joab...

Book | Enchanted Rainbows by Gabriella Eva Nagy

Gabriella Eva Nagy books Enchanted Rainbows. Writing and illustrating for children is like stepping into a new dimension, a world full of imagination and...

The Other Side of Love - Attilio Guardo - Romance Writer | Home

The Other Side of Love by Attilio Guardo. When Conrad Arlington Hill is suddenly dumped by his girlfriend, Abigail McCloud, he suffers irreparable hurt...

Peter Justus | The Pursuit of the Personal Renaissance Experience

It is a book that challenges people to look at their lives and live them in a way that will bring them greater satisfaction going about the business of living.

Healing and Transformation - Dr. Eric Alsterberg | HOME

Healing and Transformation: Moving from the Ordinary to the Extraordinary by Dr. Eric Alsterberg is a revolutionary how-to manual that will inspire you.

Katie and Kenny Tour the Railroad - KEITH NILES CORMAN | Home

Katie and Kenny, along with their father, are taken on a tour of the local railroad yard by an engineer with the railroad. The basis of the book is to introduce children to the role railroads play in our lives, their importance, and to stress safety around railroads and their equipment: “NO PLAYGROUND!”

Liz Refuse to Fall - Jacquelyn Colleton-Akins, PhD. | BOOK

Book. Liz Refuse to Fall by Jacquelyn Colleton-Akins, PhD. The most beautiful tree in the park is Mr. Maple. The leaves on Mr. Maple’s tree had...

The Brotherhood Of The Wone - Len Stage

The Brotherhood of the Wone by Len Stage is an fascinating tale of anarchaeological discovery that unleashes unpredicted powerson the world. It follows...

Going… Going… | Jack Weaver

Going … Going … is a journal of a couple's fifteen-year journey along the trail of Alzheimer's.