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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 26, 2020
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5 Must-visit Places in Wan Chai – The Bustling Heart of Hong Kong

Wan Chai has been described as a melting pot of people and cultures, and it is among the most culturally diverse regions in all of Hong Kong. All this means that there's plenty of sights to see and experiences to be had here – here're 5 must-visit locations in Wan Chai.


Tai Yuen Street

Tai Yuen Street – also referred to as Toy Street – is a great place to start your tour of Wan Chai at. Here you'll find an array of shops and vendors for you to peruse through. You can get your hands on all kinds of goods from clothes, fabrics, and jewellery to electronics and yes – toys. The surrounding area also has a number of cafes and eateries. These provide you with a great opportunity to get a feel of the local culture and atmosphere, as well as the chance to try some tasty local cuisine. If you're particularly daring, you can even try out some snake soup while you're here, which is said to be quite delicious! Tai Yuen Street is easy to reach too, especially if you're staying over at a major hotel in Wan Chai – for example, the Dorsett Wanchai Hong Kong.


Yeung Chung Li

Head on over to Yeung Chun Li for some refreshing herbal tea. This shop has been in operation for over 90 years and is renowned for serving up the best tea brews in all of Hong Kong! The shop is owned by the titular Mr. Yeung, who the locals affectionately refer to as "the master brewer". So, if you want to taste a bit of local history, be sure to stop by this tea shop as you tour through Wan Chai.


Kam Fung

If you're working up an appetite walking around the city, be sure to stop by the Kam Fung Café. The shop itself seems may seem pretty modest from the offset, but the real treat is all the food on offer here. The café sells a delectable variety of sweets and is renowned for its sweet soy milk and juicy pineapple buns.


The Blue House

The Blue House is hard to miss during your travels in Wan Chai. From its striking colours, to its fusion of European and Chinese architecture, it definitely has a bit of character to it. This house is dedicated to an old folk hero 'Master Wong' and houses a collection of old trinkets and memorabilia. It also showcases a collection of classic Kung-Fu films, some of which even start the iconic Bruce Lee! You can also shop for souvenirs and memorabilia in the building's ground floor. The selection here is quite impressive and all proceeds go into supporting the local populace and small businesses.


Pak Tai Temple

Pak Tai Temple is easily one of the most culturally interesting destinations to visit in Hong Kong. Brightly coloured statues guard the entrance to this temple and a strong smell of fresh incense bathes the area. If you look towards the roof of the temple, you'll find a colourful collection of clay pots that depict the famous tale of the Cantonese Opera.

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