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Top hidden gems in Bali – The Authentic Bali Essence

The scenic Bali Island of Indonesia is one of the most visited destinations in the world. Although most tourists add the magnificent Bali beaches in their itineraries, what they overlook are the truly magnificent pieces of gems scattered away from the most touristy places in Indonesia.


Melasti Beach

Located at the Southern end of Bali, the Melasti Beach is largely underrated by the many crowds that make their way towards Bali. If you visit this beach at the right time, which is just after rains, you will be mindblown by a gorgeous waterfall that cascades over from a tall cliff that towers over the beach. Although its spirals of water do not gush at high speeds like in a typical waterfall, it still provides a fascinating view to its visitor. The blended sounds of the waves crashing at the beach and the cascading falls will take you into a world beyond the earth.


Munduk Village

The elevated lands of Central Bali nestle yet another gem of this enthralling land of paradisiacal beauty. The Village of Munduk is hidden away from the main tourist trail and is one of the finest mountain retreats that you would ever encounter in your life. The misty surroundings with its comforting and chilly atmosphere are ever-present on its emerald hillsides and the lush green plantations. The rice terraces and the surrounding plantations emanate an enchanting beauty with the flows of water that wind between them. The Munduk Village is the perfect place to unwind and have a relaxing vacation with its idyllic landscapes and the spectacular views that it offers for its visitor.


Gunung Kawi Water Temple

The emerald gardens surrounded by a captivating water system makes the Gunung Kawi Water Temple one of the heavenly places in Bali, Indonesia. Being an ancient temple complex, this place of worship contains Candi or rather a collection of shrine reliefs that are carved on the rock cliff. Located in a valley that is off the streets of Northern Ubud, this temple of water somehow escapes the eye of the tourist. The Gunung Kawi Water Temple is one of the stunningly mesmerising archeological sites in the country that still seems to exude the glory of its olden days.


Banyumala Twin Waterfall

Nestled close to Munduk Village is a cascade so elegant that it brings anyone who visits the location to a standstill. Despite its indescribable beauty, tourists do not frequent this place, probably due to the bumpy path one has to drive across to reach this beauteous creation of nature. Once you get to the premises of the falls, you can easily trek through the jungle towards a glorious view of the majestic Banyumala Twin Waterfall. You will immediately attract towards its plunge pool that reflects light as if inviting you over to a refreshing dip in its cool waters.


Sideman Valley

Lying close to properties such as Anantara Ubud Bali Villas is Sideman, a valley that is rather green that you would feel as if you can keep your eyes focused on its landscape and feel at peace. Those who feel the urge to feel at one with nature will find this place extremely delightful. The blissful rice terraces and the surrounding hills that are blanketed in the lush emerald greens make it one of the perfect destinations to rejuvenate your soul. Be rewarded by these enthralling views by purchasing one of those elegant Bali homes for sale in the area.

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