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5 Cultural Attractions to Visit in Phuket - Something way beyond the beaches!

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand, which is an ideal destination for a getaway with captivating coastal views. It is one of the finest beach destinations with sandy beaches and fascinating landscapes. Read on to explore something way beyond the beaches on this beautiful island!



It is a beautiful place located in the old town where Thalang and Dibuk roads meet. The word "Romanee" implies beautiful or lovely. This place showcases the Sino-Portuguese architecture. The historical nature of this place is intensified by the charming vintage houses of Thai-Chinese descendants located along the street. Some of these historic buildings are occupied by small cafes, shops, and guest houses. The attractive backgrounds are ideal for anyone keen in photography and, of course, photogenic people to capture some beautiful snaps without any hindrances from electric cables, unlike other places in Thailand. It is an impressive place to hang out, shop, snap, and have great Thai food. Cute handmade souvenirs and other local souvenirs could also be bought along the way while exploring the beauty of the ancientness.


Thai Hua Museum

Thai Hua Museum is a great place if you are longing for some Sino-Portuguese architecture. It is an award-winning piece of architecture located within a distance of 350 metres from Romanee on Krabi road. It consists of 13 rooms in which details are depicted in both English and Thai Languages. It will take you down the memory lane to that ancient era. You can use the multi-media technology available in the museum to listen to informative descriptions about the exhibits at your own pace. The main source of attraction here is the charming inner courtyard opened to the sky that allows the natural light to penetrate during the daytime.


Thao Thep Kasattri and Thao Sri Sunthon monuments

Located between Phuket Airport and Phuket town, these monuments depict a tale during wartime between Thailand and Myanmar. It is said that both Thao Thep Kasattri and Thao Sri Sunthon came forward in defending the island, and in respect of their act of bravery, they have been given the royal name "Thao." This monument represents bravery and receives much respect from the islanders. Annual celebrations are held in March to commemorate its specialty.


Tin mining Phuket Museum

Phuket had a tin mining-based economy back in the day. The museum is situated on the road between Loch Palm Golf Club and the British International School. This place consists of both indoor and outdoor exhibition areas, which reveal the past through photos, waxworks, and models. But one of the negative attributes here is that things are exhibited only in the Thai Language, and therefore to get a good outcome of the visit, bringing a tour guide is a must.


Baan Chin Pracha

The Baan Chin Pracha is yet another Sino-Portuguese architectural mansion on Krabi road. This place holds more attractions as a location for Thai and International TV series. It has many diligent displays that portray the life and interior designs back in the day. However, the open-air inner courtyard with a pond in the middle is found to be the most striking thing here. After an exciting day of exploring these magnificent creations of the past, you will definitely feel the urge to unwind and dine at one of the many fancy Phuket restaurants the likes of Age Restaurant that will cater to all your cravings and needs with exquisite Thai delicacies.