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Updated by balveen23-31 on Jun 26, 2020
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5 features to look for while choosing a hosting provider

Here are some of the important features and services to look for in a web hosting company.



Through high or automated scalability, you can scale up your resources (CPU, memory, bandwidth) or scale it down to meet the demands of your business. When business demand is high, you can easily add nodes to increase your resources. When the increased demand is reduced then you can move back to your original configuration. With cloud hosting, you remove the limit to the physical size of your server environment, allowing you to start small and support the growth of your business over time – without interruption in your business flow or any expensive, unplanned changes.


Rigid Security

Coming to security, make sure you are provided with essential features to guard your website such as: a SSL certificate to enhance your network security, malware and DDoS protection, a dedicated firewall to prevent unauthorized access to your data, and a backup solution.



Do not forget to ensure that your hosting provider backs you up with a 24x7 support, and that too via multiple mediums such as chat, call, tickets, etc.


Pay per use pricing

I insist you choose a hosting company that charges purely based on the resources you consume, rather than investing with a company who charges you for the unused resources as well. This will help you in cutting costs and utilize your budget more towards the growth of your business, at the same time it makes you aware of the cost of doing business and consuming a resource.


Automated Processes

Look for a hosting solution where most of the processes such as deployment of applications, creation of instance, etc are automated. This reduces manual labour to a great extent and assists you in focussing more towards your business.

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