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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 25, 2020
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Top Must-Try Dishes in the Maldives – the best pleasures on the island

If you are planning to visit the island paradise known as the Maldives, sandy beaches and clear waters with rich marine life aren't the only things to enjoy here. Ever thought of the Maldives as a foodie's zone? Guess not! But here are a few local dishes that will prove the this is indeed a place for the foodies as well.



Garudhiya is more or less a delicious fish soup cooked with fish, salt and water. This is a Maldivian staple and is the most popular traditional dish as well. You will find it on the menu at many restaurants by popular resorts like VARU by Atmosphere. The dish is served with lime, chilli, onions and rice.


Mas Huni

This is basically shredded tuna, smoked and eaten with grated coconut, lemon and onions. It is commonly served with roshi – which is a chapati like roti. It is a breakfast dish.



Imagine a chapati stuffed with beautifully smoked tuna mixed with coconut. Take one bite and you'll be in bliss with the flavours of spices like curry leaves rolling against your tongue! Especially for those with a South Asian palate. Yum...


Bis Keemiya

This is a snack that you could get addicted to! Somewhere between a spring roll and samosa, Bis Keemiya is a pastry stuffed with hardboiled egg/tuna with onions and lightly sautéed cabbage. The flavours that erupt with just one bite are amazing.


Boshi Mashuni

This is an oh glorious salad! Ingredients included in Boshi Mashuni would be shredded banana flower which is quite crunchy with fresh coconut. Curry leaves, spices and turmeric are used for seasoning and lime and Maldivian chilli give the dish it's boost. Its something you can't miss out on when in the Maldives.


Fried Yams

Only a limited number of crops can actually be grown on the island and yams are one of them. Yams are fried to a crisp, bite into it and the inside is moist. Its all the better when you eat this snack with the various sauces provided.


Maldivian Live Lobster

If you are a seafood lover, then you'd know that lobster prepared live tastes the best. Just imagine that delicious lobster flesh melting in your mouth, warm and full of flavour. Simply amazing! Try it during your stay at a Maldives overwater villa.


Saagu Bondibai

Sago is an ingredient that is commonly used in Maldivian cuisine. This pudding is made of sago boiled in coconut milk with sweet condensed milk mixed into it. The essence of cardamom and rose give this dessert an extra bit of punch. You've got to try this local sweet dish.


Reef Fish Cutlets

These are quite popular where reef fish are minced and cooked, made into balls and coated with breadcrumbs before deep-frying them. This is also tasty when it comes with Tandoor masala beef served up with various chutneys.



This is a lovely snack served with a steaming cup of tea. Tuna, onions, chilli and coconut are stuffed into dough and baked.

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