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Top Attractions in Xiamen – A place for travellers of all ages.

Xiamen is a coastal city in China which has begun to attract quite many tourists in recent years. When it comes to scenic views there are a bunch of places to visit here. Not to mention, cultural towns and much more. Here is a list of a few places you might want to visit if you plan on holidaying.


Fujian Hakka Tulou

If you've watched the trailer for the famous Disney movie, Mulan, surely, you've noticed the main character's home. Round and much like a fort, built with clay and sandy soil, the buildings are called Fujian Tulou. This was a type of shelter that is built by the people of the migratory tribe called Hakka. UNESCO recognized this cluster of buildings as a World Cultural Site in 2008. The satellite images of the cluster of buildings brought about some interesting conjectures, especially during the Cold War. Some of the countries in the west thought the site was China's nuclear missile silos.


South Putuo Temple

Walk into this popular ancient temple and you'll be greeted with a calming scent of incense and a mystique surrounding that will pique your interest and keep you wanting to learn more. This magnificent Buddhist temple is spread out in a complicated layout on a land with a total area of 25.8 hectares. The Buddhist Institute of South Fujian is also located within the premises. There are many halls within the complex that have been built for various idols for venerations. The attraction is just a 15-minute drive away from hotels like Pan Pacific Xiamen.


Wuyi Mountains

For those who are into nature, the Wuyi Mountains are a must-visit. The place is full of lovely trees, canyons, waterways and a diverse community of animals which include endangered species as well. The best time to visit would be the dry season. Monsoon rains occur from June to September during which time the trees are nourished and grow beautifully. There is so much to see here that the entire area is divided into 4 parts; Wuyishan National Nature Reserve, Nine-Bend River Area, Wuyishan National Scenic Area and a part of Wuyi Mountains that are home to many cultural remains as well.


Overseas Chinese Museum

This museum started out in 1959 and today holds about 7000 exhibits. It is a museum that is quite unique displaying various links to the Chinese communities living in other countries. There is a section which showcases the tragedies and friendships the Chinese living abroad have come across during the years. There is a large collection of cultural items as well donated to the museum by the Chinese living overseas.


Zhangzhou Zhuchu Puppet Art Gallery

Located within easy reach of Xiamen hotels, the Zhangzhou Zhuchu Puppet Art Gallery is one of a kind! This is the place that bears the treasure of Eastern art or a live art relic as known by many. The gallery displays the works of a master puppet craftsman named Xu Zhuchu. The talent has been passed down over generations and as a result, there are over 600 puppets. There is even a display of the craftsman's rare ancient puppet collection.

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