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List of Artist Who Make the Best Urban Art

Urban Art has become one of the most sought our Art over the past few years and its only growing. Who do you think is the best urban artist of our generation?

Russ Mills Artwork is a Clash of Art Styles

Artist: Russ MillsCountry: United Kingdom Movement/Style: Urban Fine Art; Contemporary GraphicsWebsite: Let me provide you with a taste of what Artist Russ Mills creates. His work is a good slap in the face of style and intrigue. The viewer is smacked with lines of black and white or flushed with a splash color.

Street Artists Series - C215 Does More Than Stencils

There are many street artists that use stencils but street artist Christian Guemy aka C215 is more than just another artist who uses stencils in his work. C215 who is based out of Paris, France is an artist that uses a lot of imagery that speaks to a lot of the truths and challenges that society faces such as homelessness and addiction.

Artist Fin DAC Uses Stencils but Thats Just the Beginnning

Many Urban artists use stencils to create their art and artist Fin Dac is no different. But Fin Dac believes that the stencils he uses do not provide the depth and feeling needed to add dimension to his work.

Artist DMS (Davi De Melo Santos) Creates Comical and Fun Murals

Murals by Artist DMS (Davi De Melo Santos) Brazilian Artist DMS aka Davi De Melo Santon is a street artist whose murals are fun, different and comical. Many people have a perception that street art is hateful, political, or vandalism. Well, DMS shows us that street art can be visually fun and interesting.

Os Gemeos and Aryz Collaborate on a Mural Worth Revisiting (Ludz, Poland)

The other day we made a post on Instagram of a mural, which was well received by the members of the Artsnapper community. The mural was a collaboration between Os Gemeos and Aryz. For those of you who are not familiar with these artists, I recommend that...

Borondo is Not Your Usual Street Artist

Borondo is a Spanish street artist, who at 22 is deemed one of the most talented artists in the contemporary urban visual street art scene. Borondo is especially admired for the quality of work, as he has a sort of a classical painting technique, which is very rare in the international urban art scene.

Street Artist ROA Shows Us the Creativity of His Work

If you guys have not heard about street artist ROA, I recommend you guys (without reservation) to go to his website and start following this amazing artist. As a street artist ROA is not only talented but his work can be viewed in the streets of Europe...

Roadsworth Creates a Visual Playground in the Streets of Montreal

We're loving the "visual playground" idea - check out some of this amazing, quirky street art! This is all the doing of Canadian street artist, Roadsworth, who chose the name because "where Wordsworth is a poet of words, Roadsworth is a poet of roads."

VIDEO: Kenny Scharf Shares His Thoughts About "Art For Everyone" - Artsnapper

Kenny Scharf and Art for Everyone We love Kenny Scharf because his philosophy about ART is that it is for everyone. This believe perfectly aligns with ours and the reason with we have it our mission to make art accessible to everyone. His artwork offers something to everyone, from a novice to an ...

Street Artist Escif Creates Murals That Contain Humor and Purpose

Street artist Escif hails from Valencia, Spain but has been gaining world exposure with his tongue-in-cheek murals that display political, economical and social issues. The artist himself is making a conscious effort to get people to look at his work and not just focus on the aesthetic of the work but rather make people aware of what is happening.

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Can't get enough Basquiat? Neither can we. This info graphic gives you the ultimate breakdown of the artist's complex and prolific career. Use it to learn

How Long Does it Take To Paint A Mural? - Artsnapper

How Long Does it Take To Paint A Mural? Well, if you were to ask artist Sean Sullivan he would tell you it takes wayyyyyyy longer than he first anticipated. Sean Sullivan was hired to do a mural in the rear corridor of LACE in LA.

Unzip Your Love For Public Art - Artsnapper

Unzip Your Love For Public Art There's something amazing about public art, whether you're in New York City or Japan! As someone who has been to Japan since she was six months old, I can tell you that there is no shortage of appreciation for public art.