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TEST: Pritchett D. -Ethical Use of Information Curation Assignment June 28th, 2020

Dr. Jones (FRIT 7234 Summer 2020)

Plagiarism Video for Schools

This video clip discusses the basics of plagiarism. This resource will show you how to avoid plagiarism. Please watch and pay close attention to how to give credit to others.

Plagiarism Game - Snowden Library | Lycoming College

Test your knowledge! This interactive game asks you questions about items you have learned about plagiarism. This is an important way to see if you know how to cite your work. Please use this review game after using all other resources.

Paraphrase Vs Plagiarism Infographic - e-Learning Infographics

Check out this infographic describing paraphrasing and plagiarism. Great resource for learning how to paraphrase a resource and give the author proper credit. Read through the infographic and use it as a reference when you are paraphrasing your resources.

7 more songs that were allegedly plagiarized - Chicago Tribune

Even musicians have to give credit to others. This news article describes artists Pharrell and Robin Thicke having to pay over $7 million for ripping off one of Marvin Gaye's songs. Choose one or two songs to listen to that have been allegedly plagiarized.

Nicole's Story: Copyrighting Creative Work | Common Sense Education

This video clip describes how creative work like writing a book is copyrighted. Listen to Nicole's story about how hard she has worked on her book and would not want someone to steal her work. While you watch, imagine how you would feel if someone stole your work and used it as their own work.

The Cite is Right: The Quiz Show (Part 1 of 2)

This video clip teaches you how to avoid plagiarism. Notice how to cite your sources correctly. The next resource listed is a quiz to see how well you payed attention to the video.
(Part 1 of 2)

After you watched the The Cite is Right: The Quiz Show video clip, take the quiz to see if you know how to cite your work! If you miss a question, be sure to read the explanation to help you in citing your sources. (Part 2 of 2)

What Is Plagiarism? (for Kids) - Nemours KidsHealth

This blog explains the right way to use Internet sources and other references. We will be using multiple sources and you need to be able to cite your sources. Read through the blog and use this resource as a reference in the future.

Avoid Plagiarism With Google's New Assignments Tool

FYI: this blog explains how Google is making it easier for teachers to crack down on plagiarism. Make sure you are citing your work to avoid this.

Hungary's president quits over alleged plagiarism - CNN

In 2012, Hungarian President Pal Schmitt resigned after allegations that he was dishonest and plagiarized his work when in college. This is a few years old, but it shows that being dishonest about your work can have severe consequences. As you read the article, think about what he could have done differently to avoid this.

Only you can Prevent Plagiarism Infographic - ACHS ILC

This infographic is a great resource to avoid plagiarism. Pay attention that in each case, you are required to cite your source. Use this resource when you are summarizing, quoting, or paraphrasing.

Citation for Beginners

Watch this video clip to explain the basics on citing your resources. You will be using multiple resources and this resource explains how to cite them properly. Keep this in mind when working with your resources!